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Regional Training of Trainers on Capacity Assessment for Responsible Agri-Investments and youth in Agricultural Sector

The NGO Forum staffs has participated in Regional training of Trainers on Capacity Assessment for Responsible Agri-Investments and youth in Agricultural Sector from 09-13 December 2019 at Bangkok, Thailand. The training is organized by FAO and AsiaDHRRA. There’re 28 participants from Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Grow Asia, AsiaDHRRA, and FAO. In general, the objective of this capacity identification workshop is to level-off understanding among participants on responsible agricultural investments and the role of youth. Specifically, it aims to: i) Deepen understanding on CFS-RAI and ASEAN Guidelines on RAI; ii) Increase knowledge on FAO capacity development approach (3 ...
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Annual Program Reflection 2019

The NGO Forum on Cambodia organized Annual Staff Reflection for 5 days from 25th – 29th November 2019 which visited Oddar Meanchey Province and Siem Reap Province. The objectives of this reflection aim:
• To refresh on NGO Forum policies and strategies.
• To learn about community-Based natural resource management in Oddar Meanchey province.
• To finalize a draft of the annual program outcome harvesting report Jan-Dec 2019.
• To finalize the program's annual operation plan with an estimated budget for 2020.
• To maintain and build up good team spirit. On 25 November 2019, we were Phnom Penh's ...
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Annual Network Reflection

On 31st October 2019, the NGO Forum on Cambodia organized Annual Reflection 2019 at PPEDC / ICF. The meeting commenced by Ouk Vannara, NGOF Deputy Executive Director of NGOF summarized and recapped the first day of Annual General Meeting and guided on the network reflection. In addition, the Secretariats and all Network members discussed the achievements, challenges and experiences in 2019, and identified strategic directions, capacity development plans for network members and action plans for 2020. Network reflection to review its 3-year action plan and key achievement for 2019, Chair of the steering committee and NCs. All 8th Networks were ...
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The NGO Forum Annual General Meeting 2019

The NGOF is an umbrella organization consists of 94 international and national members and 8 NGO networks and 04 working groups approximately consist of 450 NGOs in Cambodia. The Governance and Management Program is one of the main programs of NGOF that brings together member NGOs and covers the NGO Forums’ core representational role. It provides governance, management and administrative support for all NGO Forum work and encourages coordination and cross-Programme linkages and providing the capacity building and development to its NGOs network and member though policy enforcement and improvement. The organization’s leadership has capitalized on the policy dialogue, strengthens ...
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12th National Conference

On October 25, 2019, there were 61 national and international NGOs co-organized 12th National Conference on Land and Natural Resources Governance at the Tonle Bassac II Restaurant in Phnom Penh. There were 518 participants (160 women) from representatives of parliament, European Union, private sector, development partners, civil society organizations, educators, Researchers, sub-national authorities, indigenous communities, fishing communities, forest communities, and journalists. After paying great respect to the chairman of the conference, Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of NGO Forum on Cambodia, thanked the representatives of the RGC and the parliaments for attending the morning session. He emphasized that the discussions ...
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