Governance and Management

The Governance and Management supports the implementation of the sectoral programmes and projects by providing services to ensure that the NGO Forum functions and represents its members effectively.

NGO Forum’s long-term goal is to ensure that citizens and civil society organisations are well-equipped to contribute and influence policy making and implementation processes for the benefit of poor and vulnerable people of Cambodia.

NGO Forum’s advocacy approaches are a combination of capacity building with actual advocacy activities. The advocacy approach is conducted though hosting a platform for policy dialogue such as workshops, meetings, conferences and others. Another approach is leading-edge strategic thinking through a policy based on research, policy briefs and the provision of evidence based policy options for inclusive, equitable and sustainable development. In addition, the approach is moving to cooperate with the emerging community-based organizations to ensure their voice will be heard by the decision makers.

Planning Process and assessments

Planning initiatives of NGO Forum include the Strategic Plan 2012–2017 and the Action Plan 2012–2014. The Action Plan includes goals, objectives, inputs, outputs and activities. These plans were developed with a high degree of participation from NGO Forum members, staff, network members and relevant stakeholders including government and donor agencies.

A Network Assessment conducted in 2010 assessed the functioning and ownership of each network. This was done using an adapted form of the Aids Alliance Network Assessment Framework, which assesses each network against six criteria:
accountability and involvement
knowledge and skills
internal communication
external communication and advocacy
management and finance.

Data was collected through a desk review of documentation, key-informant interviews, questionnaires and workshops.

A staff retention study was conducted in December 2010 to find the reasons for staff staying with or leaving NGO Forum. This reviewed the human resources system on staff motivation, recruitment and staff capacity building. It provided recommendations on how to strengthen positive factors and lessen negative factors to increase staff retention.