Consultancy Announcement “The NSDP 2014-2018 and small landholders in Cambodia”

Consultancy Announcement

“The NSDP 2014-2018 and small landholders in Cambodia”

The NGO Forum on Cambodia is a membership organization consisting of local and international NGOs. It exists to coordinate and equip members, networks of NGOs, and other civil society organizations to actively engage in policy dialogue, debate, and advocacy with and for poor and vulnerable people in Cambodia related to Development Issues, Environment and Land & Livelihood.

Modernization of agriculture is a feature of the Cambodian government’s current National Strategic Development Plan, but the document declares its commitment to both supporting small landholders and large concessions. However there are concerns that devoting large amounts of the country to agro industry may not secure food security, or provide regular employment opportunities for rural villagers, and may also compromise the environment. In contrast there is renewed interest from a range of international organizations about the role of small landholders in improving agricultural outcomes. The challenge in this approach involves the role of extension services improving productivity, and the use of agricultural techniques that are sensitive to environmental limits.

Therefore, the NGO Forum on Cambodia through the Development Issues Program is seeking a qualified consultant team to conduct a study on “The NSDP 2014-2018 and small landholders in Cambodia”. The consultant will be asked to conduct a literature review covering large concessions and small landholders, and also conduct field work comparing two different approaches to supporting small farmers. 

Qualification Requirements:

  • Advanced degree or master degree in agronomy, community development, land management, policy analysis or related subjects;
  • Proven experience in extensive social research, policy and law analysis and agriculture sector within or outside Cambodia is necessary;
  • Substantive knowledge on development issues especially on land issue, Economic Land Concession, government policies and agriculture in Cambodia context is a must;
  • Excellent communication, writing, reporting skills (Khmer and English) and the ability to communicate at all levels;
  • Excellent in the usage of computers and office software packages.

Qualified and interested consultant team shall submit CVs, Cover letter (previous research topics), Research proposal, and Budget to the NGO Forum via e-mail: no later than 21st November 2014 (5:00 pm). For more details about the NGO Forum and ToR please visit our website: Only short-listed team will be contacted.

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