Workshop on “Understanding of China Investment in Cambodia”

The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) co-organized with the American Friend Service Committee (ASFC) to organize a two-day workshop on “Understand of China Investment in Cambodia which held on 09-10 April 2019 at Green Palace Hotel.

This workshop aims to increased better understanding and knowledge of Chinese Investments in Cambodia, to develop conflict analysis of Chinese investment activities and to gain a shared understanding of factors driving conflict, to learn about the tools and approaches to engaging Chinese stakeholders, to develop criteria to identifying strategic cases or interventions for communities impacted by investments to achieve justice through conflict resolution and strategic engagement process.

Opening Remarks by Dr. Tek Vannara. The workshop aimed at building good linkage between CSO and Chinese Investment. The mechanism established for mutual understanding of the Chinese Investment in Cambodia through regular meeting with Chinese Investment team, visited the Chinese company and held meeting with Chinese Company. The development should be benefited the Cambodian people.

Session 1: Chinese Foreign Direct Investment and “1 Belt and 1 Road” Initiative by Professor Guo Yi, Beijing Technology and Business University. It provides good opportunity for participants to discuss the issues that Chinese investment faced in Cambodia, especially related to the issue that faced by the community. NGOs, company, academia from difference countries will be discussed. She has the expertise on CSR. There are many Chinese company operate in Cambodia. They faced many issues. The Belt and Road focused on Chinese investment in difference country around the world. The sector IT development and telecommunication would be the best sector that Chinese operate overseas. The industrial sector faced by many issue related to environment in China. Chinese investment companies try to find solution to address issue. Within 40 years Chinese government have a lot of experiences on the Chinese Investment overseas. To promote the rural development and overcome poverty. Chinese development leading in many countries on the infrastructure, hydropower, construction and agriculture sector. Chinese export company such as Alibaba, the online business development. It creates market competitive. The railway development for transportation of the people and agriculture product. Since 2017, the Belt and Road working in 57 countries including 3000 companies. Total $20.17 billion investment.

In Cambodia since 2016 Chinese development leading in the sector on the infrastructure, energy, textile, construction, tourism, agriculture and natural resource sector. Total foreign investment $14.7 billion. E commerce operates in China. The people can post their products in website. The customer can order through online. There are many big State-Owned Enterprises operate in Cambodia. The Chinese Investment companies should be responsible for their operation in Cambodia.

Session 2: Chinese State-Owned Enterprises: Management Culture & Decision-making mechanism for overseas operations. Khon Cheu, since 1966 Chinese State-Owned Enterprises were established and operate in China and promote economic development. The economic reform in China. To build capacity of the big company to be stronger and stronger. It has long-term plan for reform. Since 1992 China has plan to build capacity for economic development. The companies operate call corporate culture under the administrative behavior.