Workshop on Promoting Youth Participation in Environmental Protection and Climate Change

On the morning of August 19, 2022, the NGO Forum on Cambodia organized a workshop on promoting youth participation in environmental protection and climate change at the Sunway Hotel. This workshop is funded by ROSA LUXEMBURG STIFTUNG Southeast Asia – Hanoi office. There were 39 participants (18 women) from student and lecture of University of Phnom Penh, Royal University of Agriculture and youths from community around Tonlesap lake and Mekong river. The purpose of this workshop are:
1. To promote youth participation in environmental protection through the dissemination of the effects of climate change on people’s lives
2. To encourage university youth and university students in the Faculty of Natural Resource Management to take action through social media towards environmental protection.

In the opening remark, Dr. TEK Vannara, Executive Director of NGOF, he was encouraging young people who are involved in the early stages to start with volunteers and have a strong commitment participate in any activities of environment protection and sustainable development. The young people are important to take turns for social work.

Keynote speech of Dr. Phin Sopheap, Deputy Director of Prek Leap National Institute
He gave a detailed speech to the participants, mentioning his work experience in environmental protection. In particular, he encouraged young people who are students from universities and communities to participate in volunteer work, which is a source of learning about knowledge related to environmental management, improving the lives of people who depend on the natural resources. More importantly, the social media is a platform to share knowledge among young people as currently the technology grows very fast.

Keynote speech by Mr. Sok Khim, Program Manager of Oxfam Cambodia
His main comments are as follows:
• Climate change along the Tonle Sap and Mekong areas that have affected local communities which caused by hydropower dams
• The effects of climate change on water flows and floodplains have reduced fisheries resources.
• The Factors of climate change are caused by the increase in the use of materials, plastics and the behavior of consumers to affect the land and water.
• My suggestion of this meeting, all the participants especially young students who should fully participate in the meeting and create more activities to raise the question on the issues of environment protection, climate change and more.

Closing Remarks by Dr. Phin Sopheap, Deputy Director of Prek Leap National Institute of Agriculture
He participated in the summary of the content for this morning’s workshop, which highlighted the contribution of young people as an important catalyst for active participation in environmental protection, and he really appreciated the NGOF that decided to take this topic which involved the young learners come to discuss. He expressed regret that the time was so short, we wanted to have a discussion on each section in detail. The workshop was successful ended at 12:30 PM with fruitful result.