Training Program on Basic Budget Analysis and Advocacy for NGOs

The NGO Forum on Cambodia conducted training on Basic Budget Analysis and Advocacy for NGOs, especially for Budget Working Group (BWG), which was organized at Angkor Holiday in Siem Reap province from 20-22 August 2019. There were 29 participants (13 females) from Budget working group members (BWG) and other partners NGOs. The purpose of the training was to strengthen the capacity of BWG members so that they can advocate for the increased budget allocation for poor and vulnerable group particularly women and children. In addition, it helped the NGOs who are working on budget increased their capacity in budget analysis for stepping up advocacy on budget transparency.

Opening remarks by Mr. Ouk Vannara, Deputy Executive Director. Expressed thanks to the active participation. NGO Forum on Cambodia working with the Royal Government of Cambodia on budget development. This training response to the need for BWG to have skill and knowledge to advocate with policymaker to get input for responding to the annual budget plan. The gap is the annual budget plan not open for public participation. The training on budget analysis for BWG. The facilitator working closely with MoEF. What sector that allocates budget for annual spending. We will advocate the government institutions for effective budget formulation. Many thanks to Mr. Chea Kimsong, for spending valuable time to share his knowledge and skill in the training. He hoped that participants will be actively involved in the training. He expressed great thanks to Oxfam and other donors who provided funding support for this training.

Participants gained a good understanding of budget calendar and process and who is the main player. The budget process and content in Cambodia were introduced by facilitator. It is governed by the Law on Public Finance System (2008). The subnational budget follows the Law on Fiscal Regime and Asset Management of Sub-national Administration (2011). The National Budget is the annual planned revenue collection and expenditure of the government. Annual Budget Law or Financial Law plans and allows for each year state’s resources and expenditures. Annual Financial Law is amended through the Amended Annual Financial Law or Budget Law. Implementation of Budget Law is settled by the Budget Execution Law or Budget Settlement Law. It reviews and assesses the performance of the implementation of the budget law.

The three- and half-day training course with active participation and interaction with a facilitator, many important techniques and documents in budget analysis on budget transparency were shared for supporting group discussion and exercises. Participants have gained knowledge on the budget process, literacy and budget analysis tools and techniques. Participants have increased capacity in budget analysis for stepping up advocacy, transparency and increased budget allocation for poor and vulnerable group particularly women and children in Cambodia. Participants agreed to develop Budget Advocacy Plan and Strategy for budget analysis with coaching and mentoring from facilitator. The strong commitment of donors who support the important training for building the capacity of NGOs such as Oxfam and Save the children and great contribution of Budget Working Group network members.