Training on Mediation for LAHRiN Network Member

The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) have facilitated a three-day training on mediation for 32 members of Land and Housing Rights Network (LAHRiN) and partners (5 females) from the 22 different NGO representatives including: The Community Based Organization (BCV), Sovannaphumi Territory (TDSP), Rachna Satrei (RS), Green Vision Organization (GVO), Community Conservation and Development Team (CEDT), Star Kampuchea (SK), Comfrel, Khmer Kampuchea Krom for Human Rights and Development (KKKHRDA), Community Training Organization Development (CTOD), Community Legal Education Center (CLEC), Forest and Livelihoods (FLO), National Cambodian Research Organization (CNRO), Cambodian League for the Promotion and Development Human Rights (LICAHDO), My Village (MVI), High Lander Association (HA) Organization for Urban Poor Development (UPWD), Action for Development (AFD), Community Translation Organization (CTO), Save Vulnerable Cambodians (SVC), Prom Vihea Thor (PVT).

This training aim for strengthening capacity for members of Land and Housing Rights Network (LAHRiN) and partners on contribution with the government to solve land and natural resources conflict or other case out of the court.