Training on Istanbul Principles

The NGO Forum on Cambodia recently received a small grant from the Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN) under the themes for promoting the International obligation, those include SDGs, Istanbul principle, Accra and south- South cooperation. As the civil society in Cambodia are very limited in terms of the Istanbul principle in particularly link between the Istanbul principle and current CSDGs. To deal with these issues, the NGOF provided the training course on the Istanbul principle to the NGO network members in Siem Reap which was held on 14 June 2019. There were 40 participants attended that training event, including 13 women. The training aims:
• To share the basic concept of Istanbul principle and link with the SDGs
• To report on their works in response to the principle of the Istanbul principle

The training followed with the agenda, first Ms. Phoung Nghean Malay, chair of Siem Reap network gave expression and opened remark, she valued the Istanbul principles and encouraged her NGO network member to take into account for follow up the performance based on the guideline. At the same time, she also requested the NGOF to keep provide the series of the training in particular related to the international obligations for example, SDGs, Accra and south- South cooperation.

Mr. Keo Bunly, Development policy coordinator of the NGO Forum on Cambodia has been shared about the history of the Istanbul principles to all the participants. The Istanbul Principles on development effectiveness:

  1. Respect and promote human rights and social justice
  2. Embody gender equality and equity while promoting women’s and girls rights
  3. Focus on people’s empowerment, democratic ownership and participation
  4. Promote environmental sustainability
  5. Practice transparency and accountability
  6. Pursue equitable partnerships and solidarity
  7. Create and share knowledge and commit to mutual understanding
  8. Commit to realizing positive sustainable change.

He informed to the participants that the Istanbul principle originated since 2010 which is the CSO commitment which was signed in Istanbul city, Turkey. He has also updated about the joint effort of the CSOs and relevant stakeholders in commitment to the CSO Development compact in Cambodia. At the same times, he also shared about the AID definition and Characteristic of AID.

In conclusion, this training was achieved many objectives and shared experience on the basic concept of Istanbul principle, CSO Development Effectiveness, and learnt experience to report on the environmental sustainability. More importantly, better understood on each principle during group discussion and it will bring the idea for handing over and integrate into work.