The success of Chambok Eco-tourism community depends on the community

Mr. Touch Morn, Community leader of Chambok Eco-tourism, described that the success and significant achievements of the Chambok community today are the results of the efforts of the community members.

Mr. Morn said on 23 June 2020, he expressed the main successes of the community include the conservation of forests, patrol, and protect wildlife and natural resource in the area. Communities can get income from the tourists from the visiting, bird watching, swimming in the community six waterfalls, bats, camping and food can also be arranged for tourists. He remembers all the support of Mlup Baitong, civil society organizations, donors, local authorities, and the Ministry of Environment, which has always been a catalyst for his community and his community to become a role model.

Mr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of NGOF, is delighted and appreciative of Mr. Touch Morn for his leadership, management, and ownership of the community to the protected areas and the eco-tourism site of Chambok! He encouraged and whished Mr. Touch Morn and all community committee members to stay healthy and keeping active in the development and conservation of Chambok. We have to protect the common property.

Land and forestry programs and all NGOF programs are actively involved in the forestry protection and conservation of natural resources. While this Mid-Year Reflection 2020, on June 23, 2020, we participate in the activity to plant more trees in the Chambok community and learned more for the community.