The Regional Technical Working Group on Environmental Impact Assessment and CSO Leader Meeting



On 27-29 April 2016: Mr Tek Vannara, Executive Director of the NGO FORUM on Cambodia was participated in the third meeting of the regional technical working group on environmental impact assessment and CSO leader meeting. Aims of these meeting are provided comments from member of working group on the zero draft of the regional


guideline for public participation in environment impact assessment. Discussed general comments and suggestions around the draft guidelines, agree on leadership program agenda to develop capacities for CSO leaders to effectively engage in regional and national discussions as well as to strengthen CSO networking across the region, determine specific themes/topics for 2 leadership training activities and agree on key messages around the importance of public participation in decision-making (and EIA). The resulted of the meetings are 1) final comments on the zero draft of the regional guideline was produced and every country have very clear report and strategic on stakeholder engagement. These meetings were organized in Sokha Hotel, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia with 25 participants who come from 5 countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao, Thailand and Myanmar.