The NGO Forum on Cambodia Works For Climate Resilient Agriculture

25 August 2020, Pursat Province, Cambodia – The NGO Forum on Cambodia with Sre Khmer in collaboration with the Pursat Provincial Department of Agriculture, other partner organizations hosted a Sub-National Farmers Forum at Pursat Provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Oxfam in Cambodia supported the Forum which highlighted key thematic areas with focus on multilateral participation in agribusiness to enable farmers in applying appropriate technologies in rice production, accessing wider market information, and, achieving gender equality in agriculture.

“It is a platform to provide opportunity for multi-stakeholders from government, private sector such as banks, farmers and CSOs to discuss and develop a joint action plan to promote sustainable agriculture, value chains and climate resilience in Cambodia,” said Menghoin Hok, Environment and Agriculture Program Manager of The NGO Forum on Cambodia.

With the participation of representatives from relevant departments, the private sector, civil society organizations and farmers and agriculture cooperatives, with total 84 participants, 51 women, the Forum was a great platform in moving forward resilience in the agriculture sector.