The NGO Forum on Cambodia Provides Financial Management Knowledge to NGO Network/Members

11. NGO Forum on Cambodia Continue to Build Financial Management Knowledge to NGO Network top

Phnom Penh, February 16 – 17, 2016: The two-day training workshop on “Public Financial Management Mechanism and Result on Budget Analysis on Health Sector”, was organized by Development Issue Program (DIP) of NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) to approximately 26 trainees as the representatives from different NGOs as the network/members of DIP. The training took place at Tonle Bassac 2 Restaurant.

The purposes of the workshop were to build capacity and knowledge of participants including Budget Working Group (BWG), Development Issues Forum (DIF) members and other NGOs on the Public financial management and mechanism. The other aim was to provide knowledge to BWG and sector NGOs in the DIF understand on how important budget is in relation to development sectors and where they can participate and advocate for the budget process through the empirical evidence of health expense.
“To ensure the budget transparency in the NGO work, it is important for all the NGOs to well-understand and clear about the financial management. During these two-day trainings, the NGOF is going to introduce, train and exercise our participants on the public financial management mechanism and budget analysis on health sector,” Dr. Tek Vannara shared his thought. “We are optimistic that the trainees will be able to bring back this knowledge to practice and improve their working result.”
Different session counting from the basic to the immediate budget knowledge were introduce to the participants during those couple days. “We have included different sessions for these two significant topics. For example, on the first day, which we focus on Public Financial Management Mechanism, we include from the basic theory to engagement, follow by challenges and opportunities,” Said Kim Nay, DIP’s Manager. “While on the second day we concentrate on the Health Budget Analysis on Study methodology, Analysis Framework and Discussion.”

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