The Annual Network Reflection 2022 Meeting

The Annual Network Reflection 2022 Meeting (ANR) was held on the 21st November 2022. The meeting was held for half-day from 13:30 to 17:00 with a tough schedule as shown in the Agenda. The meeting was held back-to-back with the Annual General Meeting, which was proceeded in the morning of the day.

The meeting was held in DK Meeting Centre, Phnom Penh, with 38 participants (11 females) actively participating. Some other important participants participated from long-distance, by Zoom.

Ms. Cheav Sivkheng, NGOF, was the meeting master ceremony. At the beginning of the day, she invited delegates to chair the event. They are:
• Mrs. Pry Phally Phuong, Head of Management Committee of the NGOF; and Executive Director of BCV
• Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director, NGOF
• Mr. Som Chetana, Finance Unit Manager, the NGOF

To start the event, Ms. Sivkheng briefly provided objectives of the meeting. While all delegates and the participants were settled, Ms. Sivkheng, Master Ceremony, NGOF, facilitated the meeting in accordance with the proposed AGM Agenda. First of all, she invited all the participants to pay respect to the music of the National Anthem.

Having taken the floor, Mr. Bunthoeurn paid respects to all the chairpersons and participants. He briefly gave background of the research and findings. Also, he informed the meeting about the donor of the research, Luxemburg Hanoi Office. Mr. Bunthoeurn informed the meeting that there were participants from in-person and online.
He also mentioned that there are lots of applicable findings from the study that the participants could take advantages of the study. Nevertheless, he invited Mr. Sometr for detailing of the study.

The key speaker, the consultant, provided the results of the study in Climate Change Impacts on Tonle Sap tributaries and Livelihoods of the people of the areas. His presentation followed by interestingly important questions and comments from the participants. The study, then, was officially announced the acceptance and could be officially referenced, if any. It is posted on the NGOF website for the publics.
For closing session, while the meeting had gone over the day, time schedule, Dr. Tek Vannara provided short notes of his speech. He thanked all the speakers and questions making the event very active. He, then, declared the meeting closed with the wishes of healthy and success.