The 2nd Quarterly Member Meeting in 2022

The Member Meeting is held quarterly, four times per year, while the actual meeting day could be fluctuated. For 2022, the Second Quarterly Member Meeting (2nd QMM) fell on the 27th April 2022. The meeting was held for half-day from 8:30 to 12:00 with a tough schedule as shown in the Agenda. The NGO Forum (NGOF) is the main organization to facilitate the meeting.
1. To update on the progresses of three laws, Forestry, Fisheries, and Protected Area, that have been amended;
2. To update on Green Financing Implementation; and
3. To listen presentation on study report of Green Financing Policy Implementation in Cambodia
4. To update on Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT.

Miss. Sophay Phanika, NGOF, was the meeting master ceremony. At the beginning of the day, she invited delegates to chair the event. They are:
• Mrs. Soum Samoun, Member of MC and Executive Director of UPWD
• Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of NGOF
• Mr. Mar Sophal, SEED Program Manager of NGOF
• Ms. Kong Bunna, replaced Mr. Chey Sambath Phalla, Head of Policy Analysis and Development Unit, Secretariat of National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development
• Mr. Thai Jeudi, Deputy Head of Credit Development, In-charge of Green Financing Agricultural and Rural Development Bank
• Mr. Kim Vera, Independent Consultant, Study Team on Green Financing Implementation in Cambodia
• Mr. Latt Ky, Program Manager of ActionAid International Cambodia and Member of LAHRiN Steering Committee

With the core aspect of updates of the past progresses, there were five (05) key speakers contributing their outstanding outcomes and progresses made for the 2nd QMM of the year 2022. The speakers are from NGOs, private sector, Independent Researchers, government, and civil society. The outcomes of the half-day meeting are summarized by Mrs. Soum Samoun in her closing remarks. Having especially paid respects to the chairpersons, Ladies, and Gentlemen, Mrs. Soum Samoun gave her very short notes. They are:
• Total of 59 participants (24 females) actively participating the meeting,
• There were numbers of progress made by presentations, e.g. Dr. Tek Vannara, Mar Sophal from NGOF, representative from ARDB, representative from NCDD/MoI, and representative from ActionAid.
• The meeting was informed by key presenters with specific aspects on Green Financing Policy and progresses of amendments of three laws: forestry, fisheries and protected area.

For closing session, Mrs. Samoun gave her very short notes. She stressed that five items were made to the meeting with details described above. The speakers provided thoroughly presentations and responded to all concerns and questions of the participants. Mrs. Samoun was proud of the efforts of the participants and outcomes from the meeting. She finally ended her remarks by wishing the entire participant with health and success and announced the session closed.