Study Visit on Commune Investment Plan (CIP) at Kachoun Commune Governor

On 24 September 2020, The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) study visit on Commune Investment Plan (CIP) at Kachoun Commune Governor which located at Kachoun Commune, Vern Sai District, Ratanakiri Province.

First of all, Mr. OUK Vannara, Deputy Executive Director of NGOF express the objective of this meeting aim for the process of distribution of budget plan, monitoring plan of Commune Sangkat Investment Plan. We also want to learn more on priority needs of commune sangkat on the use of budget and the cooperation with NGOs on process of inputs, discussions, monitoring of donor funds supporting and awareness raising during the implementation.

Mr. Phan Thongleang, Chief of Kachon Commune, said that the commune receives 200 million Riels per year, mainly used for social services and social development. There are 55% is spent on administration works (staff’s salaries, meeting, materials and etc…). Related to Social Services, he emphasizes support in preventing violence, helping pregnant women, hygiene and education. In addition to prioritizing needs, he focuses on the principle of coordination with local communities. Sometimes, there have problems between priority needs of communities, we need to study on the reality situation facing in the commune village which we need to explaining the reasons.

He had some suggestions to NGOs should provide adequate information on the clear objectives and the agreement, in order to maintain good cooperation. In addition, local communities have problems related to the fluctuation of electricity prices and the spread out the drugs from the outside, which is a cause of violence and problems facing in the commune, and this request more attention and cooperation with relevant stakeholders and authorities to keep the safety and security of villages, communes and sangkats.