Society Convened a Meeting with Experts to Provide Inputs on Doing Good Index in Cambodia

The “Doing Good Index” is a study based around a set of indicators that taken together show the regulatory and institutional infrastructure enabling or impeding philanthropic giving. For Asia, where the personal wealth is at an all-time high and with more billionaires relative to other regions, charitable activities is gaining traction for both government and private sector. However, lack of philanthropy studies have failed to have desired positive impact. Also, the problem of lack of trust between organisations and donors is the factor hindering the development of philanthropy in Asia. Therefore, Doing Good Index helps with thorough studies of the regulation about tax and delivering in each of the 15 countries involved. (Read more at

The NGO Forum on Cambodia and CCC in collaboration with the Center for Asian Phianthorpy and Society convened a meeting with experts to provide inputs on Doing Good Index in Cambodia at Tonle Bassac Restaurant 1 on March 20, 2019, with 10 participants (3 women). The meeting focused discussion on regulations, taxation policies, procurement, environmental actors, and so on, in order to encourage local charitable assistance.