Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care

Seven Billion Dreams top

Seven Billion Dreams top

Phnom Penh, Kratie, Steung Treng, and Preah Vihear May 6, 2015: Regarding the environmental conservations, NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) cooperated with Ministry of Environment (MoE) on technical as well as financial support to celebrate the World and Nationally Environment Day (WNED) 2015 that took place in three provinces and a city. This year theme was “Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care”, which aimed to expresses the challenge of creating opportunities for inclusive and sustainable economic development while attempting to stabilize the rate of resource use and reduce environmental impacts.


Hundreds of participants joined together in diverse locations with similar activities to raise awareness on this special day to the Cambodians as well as the world. In Steung Treng, Dr. Tek Vannara, NGOF’s Executive Director, whose was physically be presented in the event, shared during his speech that each of us has a responsibility to save the world from the climate change (CC). “There are many factors causing CC such as a waste of food, water resources, natural resources and the overused of the energy. However, most of these problems, we can be prevented. Saving energy, for example, food, water and reduce consuming the natural resources to just entertain yourself. Protecting and growing trees are another best solution to avoid CC,” he added. The program was closed with planting the trees plantations and rubbish collection by all participants.

There is an alarmingly high rate of unsustainable consumption of resources as, exemplified in the areas of food, water and energy. Largely driven by increasing household incomes (particularly in cities), the current collective lifestyles of people all over the world exceed our planet’s regenerative capacity to replenish natural resources. Today the human race consumes resources the equivalent of 1.5 planets. This means it now takes one year and six months for the Earth to regenerate what we use in a year. If current consumption and production patterns remain the same, and with a rising population, we will need two planets by 2030 to sustain our ways of living and consumption.

The WNED meant to urge everyone to realize not only the responsibility to care for the earth, but also reminds one and all of their individual power to become agent of change.

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