Regional Workshop on CSOs’ Forum on Climate Change Linked to People Migration

On 15 September 2022, Siem Reap Province, The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) organized the Regional Workshop CSO’s Forum on Climate Change Linked to People Migration with the supported by the Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung-Hanoi Office.

Welcome Remark and Key note Address by Ms. Nhean Phoungmaly, Executive Director of Rachna Saterei, She welcomed all the participants from variety of institutions including academic, civil society, and development partners. She acknowledged the efforts of all stakeholders on coping Climate Change (CC) and migration in Cambodia, in terms of adaptation and migration liked to CC. There are 322 CSOs and 06 CSOs have been implementing the projects on climate change resilience in Siem Reap Province. As recently, National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) has alert every disaster event provides new knowledge and information by phone. She ended his keynote by applauding the NGOF for its efforts on mobilizing stakeholders to work together for coping CC. We still need more discussions on how to cope with adaptation and migration of people linked to CC.

Mr. Mak Bunthoeurn, PASGRO Program Manager of NGOF, on behalf of Dr. Tek Vannara, ED of NGOF and organizing committees, he has paid respects to Mr. Philip Mrs. Nhean Phoungmaly and all participants who attending as physical and online. This regional workshop was supported by RLS aims to: share information and experiences of NGOs working on climate change, from Vietnam, Laos PDR, and Cambodia on people migration linked to climate change. He expected that the results of this workshop all participants understood the impact of climate change linked to people migration and how to work together to coping with all those impacts.

Opening Remark by Mr. Philip Degenhardt, Regional Director of Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung
He thanks to all organizing committees to make this workshop happened, even thought Cambodia still has Covid-19. He has raised on the impact of climate change in Tonle Sap on livelihood of people. In short, overused of natural resources always impact on the environment resulting as they do in soil degradation, water shortages, biodiversity loss, damage to ecosystem functions and global warming exacerbation. Finally, he encouraged the participants to provide and sharing the experiences for addressing to people migration. He thanked the workshop organizer for the active event and declared the workshop opened.

Recap and Closing Remark by Dr. Tek Vannara, the reginal workshop was closed by Dr. Tek Vannara, ED of NGOF and representative of organizing committees.
Having paid respects to the chairmen, ladies and gentlemen, and the participants, Dr. Tek Vannara noted to the workshop key important points as following. He was honored to participate in the closing sessions today meeting: Regional Workshop on CSOs’ Forum on Climate Change Linked to People Migration which organized by NGOF under budget supported by RLS, he said. He highly evaluated all the representatives of the participants from the Vietnam, Lao PDR and NECA members and NGOF’s partners to actively participate in this workshop.

The result of our workshop on 06 topics as following:
1. Climate Change loss and Damage Assessment
2. People Migration link with Climate Change
3. Climate Justice in Lao PDR and How the Lao Minor Ethnic Group Treated
4. Major root case of migration in Cambodia and how Central address the issues
5. Climate change, impacts and our responses: C&E experiences in building capacity on climate resilience
6. Climate Change and People Migration in ASEAN

He thanked the RLS and the workshop organizing partners, and guest speakers for active participation and discussions in the context of CC link to people migration. In the end, on his behalf, he acknowledged, once again, for the hard works of the participants in the reginal workshop and wished all the participants with the four Buddhism Wishes and declared the event closed.