Reflection for New Plans, Opportunities, Challenges and Better Team Coordination

Staff reflection 2014 1

Staff reflection 2014 1

Sihanouk Ville, December 15 – 19, 2014: NGO forum is, an umbrella organization that facilitates and consolidates many challenging issues and brings them to the government’s attention to ensure that their work plans are going smoothly. The NGOF team conduct an Annual Staff Reflection to reflect on its activities; plan for new challenges, and improve coordination among staff.. T year the team went to Sihanouk Ville, 38 people including 17 females attended the reflection workshop. . The reflection workshop used different methods including PowerPoint presentations, group discussions, group presentations and team building games. Some ground rules were developed by the participants to facilitate the workshop.

During the five days, all the colleagues reflected on outcomes, challenges and the operation plan. The workshop plays a very important role to improve the staff performance and coordination for the coming years.

“The reflection workshop has indicated key important achievement 2014 and also challenges of each program. During the days, each program team discussed how to manage and monitor action for improving the implementation of project, developing the operational plan in 2015 and building up plans for operations in the new year,” shared Mr. Tek Vannara, NGOF’s ED.

The annual reflection workshop revealed that NGOF staff enjoyed sharing their experiences and were willing to learn the new things in order to ensure that the next the development plan were characterized by effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. Overall, the participants were satisfied with this workshop and appreciated its organization and the opportunity to plan for the future.