Progressing Workshop on Resolution for Communal Land Title Registration to Indigenous Communities

The NGO Forum on Cambodia through Indigenous People and Forestry Network (IPFN) coordinated progress meeting with MLMUPC’s official and IPFN members which organized a Workshop on Progress and Resolution for Communal Land Title Registration to Indigenous communities on March 26, 2019 at Tonle Bassac I Restaurant, Phnom Penh. The meeting found that some NGOs have supported on CLT registration and NGO Forum will explore its members and partners who are still supporting the registration. There were three outputs made from the meeting (1) NGO Forum will coordinate its network members to update the global list of CLT in Cambodia, which made by ICSO so far, (2) NGO Forum will coordinate quarterly meeting to update progress among IPFN and concern ministries, and (3) NGO Forum will coordinate to have technical workshop on CLT registration among relevant ministries in order to address the bottle-neck for accelerating CLT registration.

Mr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of the NGO Forum on Cambodia. Respected speakers for relevant ministries and participants who are members of IPFN. The increase in the price of land that causes many issues. The CLT registration for IPC. The study tour conducted in Stung Treng, Kbal Romeas village in Lower Se San II. The sector strategy for five to ten years by sector ministries. It should have IP strategic plan so that key relevant ministries can use it for supporting IP communities. The road map can be a great plan for mobilizing resource to implement it for supporting IP. The national consultation for IP. Eg. 143 Identity of IPC to discuss what plan for the development of IPC and CLT. What plan needs to be done for the Cambodian current context. Inter- ministries discussion would be helpful for IPC. MRD also has the plan to accept the CLT of IPC. We plan to invite four ministries to conduct the study on CLT in the relevant province such as Mondulkiri, Rattanakiri, Stung Treng and Preah Vihear provinces to leaned CLT of IPC. What amendment of the three laws would help to support the IPC. CPA level 1 to level 8. eg. MoE should work with MAFF to the amendment of the three law. The study would help the participant to learn and apply it in the reflection of the amendment of three laws. MoI takes responsibility for the amendment of the three laws. Expressed great thanks for your active participation and commitment to support IPC, UN and MRLG and Donor agencies. Best wishes for the upcoming Khmer New Year.

Mr. Kim Sambath, UNOCHR. The study conducted since 2017. The publication of the book will be distributed soon. The IP who have communal land titling could not get a loan from Micro finance institution and the possibility to save their money. The study looks at difference documents and interviewed with IP, local authority and micro finance institution. Only 18 CLT registered in 18 IPC. Now increase 6 more CLT. There are some issues delayed the process. There are 13 village in Rattanakiri province. There are 10 villages conducted in the study to compare the strong and weakness of community and identify the issue. 19 Micro finance institutions operates in that area such as Amret, Prasak, Aceveda, vision fund, Hatta kasekor etc. In Ratanakiri, there is 9 micro finance institution. 1,5% interest rate. Does the get land title to get a loan from these micro finance institution? It provides a loan to the group and individual family. The loan from the bank is very high and a loan from the saving group. ICSO also provide a loan to IP. IP sell agriculture product to the business man. An average one family owed $900 to less than that amount. From year to year the increase of debt bondage for different micro finance institutions because they get a loan for many years. The IPC would face with loss of their plot of land because of debt. The question raised whether micro finance institution gets collateral from an individual family of IP. If the IP family does need the loan for their family need then they should put collateral with micro finance institution.

Mr. Am Veasna Deputy Director Department of association and political party, MoI. MoI issue the announcement that IP gets all documents for registration for IPC. IP need to fill in the form to get their identification. The community only fill in by law, the committee and get registration to the Moi minister to get approval. Minister decided to approve 138 IPC. Kbal Romeas community will be approved soon. The suggestion that ICSO invites MoI to involve in by law formulation of IP. I will review it carefully and it follows the legal procedure. The loan that IP get from micro finance institution then they need to put collateral. I think that we should consider what should be done for the community. Agriculture is very important for community production and improve their livelihood and drop the intention to get a loan. We should encourage them to do home gardening and raising an animal as well as food tree for family consumption. The able to gain income for the family. I would encourage the MAFF official to study what resource community has for production. eg. The community can make handicraft for income. Food processing, eco-tourism. We can help them to facilitate their community especially in the cultural center. eg. In Kbal Romea support by CYPO to develop the cultural center, meeting room. The eco-tourism should be set up, ox cart, horse cart for serving tourist. The cultural group should be set up to show the traditional song for raising income to support the IP community.

Closing Remarks by Mr. Thol Dina, MLMUPC Great thanks for your active involvement in the discussion. To help it smoothly the dissemination of information would be very important. The great effort for helping the IPC. Please continue to work with the IP on CLT. It is the first workshop in 2019 but needs all relevant NGO representative to join the next workshop. It is very difficult to work for working with IPC to get CLT. It is good to raise all the key issues of IPC and find a possible solution by policy maker and practitioner. Wish you all the best.