Prek Preah Sdach Authority and NGOs Sharing Experience on Circulated 03 Implementation

Battambang, September 3, 2015: A group of 20 NGO workers (8 women) from LICHADO, SADA, UCWC, VIGILANCE, DARE, USG, CNRO, GVO, KKKHRDA and the NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF), attended the quarterly meeting with Battambang Authority, chaired by Mr. Toa Hun, the Chief Commune of Prek Preah Sdach, Battambang Province.

This meeting facilitated by NGOF, was organized for specific objectives including to share working experience amongst the NGOs and the authority on the Circulate 03, which is well implemented in Prek Preah Sdach Commune. The other discussion topic was the preparation on the temporary construction.

During the meeting the different agendas consisted of the history of the garden land, the procedure to apply for the land concession plots, success and challenges to implements the project were raised for the discussion and sharing.

“It is a productive meeting among the NGOs working on land issues and the Battambang Authority. We manage to have the quality dialogue about the Circulate 03, which considers as well functioning at the moment in Prek Preah Sdach commune,” Leng Sarorn, Resettlement and Housing Rights Project Coordinator of NGOF. “The best practice of the circulate 03 is hopefully being circulated to the other parts of Cambodia that have problem with land concession.”