NGOs Seek for Further Collaboration with Ministry of Economy and Finance on the Budget Capacity Development

Report Summary on the Meeting with MEF 12Mar20151

Report Summary on the Meeting with MEF 12Mar20151

Phnom Penh, February 27, 2015: Nine participants from Budget Working Group (BWG), led by the NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF), represented by Dr. Tek Vannara, NGOF’s Executive Director (ED), attended a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Economic and Finance (MEF) to discuss the opportunity for further collaboration. The meeting was also an opportunity to introduce the BWG members to the ministry. The meeting was chaired by H.E. Dr. Sok Saravuth, Under Secretary of State of MEF and Secretary General of Public Financial Management Reform Steering Committee.


After a a brief presentation on the BWG’s background, and plans for future collaboration delivered by NGOF’s ED, the ministry representatives and the NGOs team reached a number of conclusions :

  1. A request for a partnership from MEF on Public Finance Management (PFM) research, trainings, information sharing as well as the contributing to the Public Finance Management Reform Programe (PFMRP) presentation for CSOs was considered by MEF
  2. The MEF suggested that NGOs work indepently to ensure a balanced result
  3. NGOs should be firmed and cleared on their news dissemination when sharing news to the public, government and related ministry departments
  4. BWGs’ roles should be providing of capacity development to Cambodian citizens on the budget efficiency
  5. The NGO sector should work closely with the national ministry due to the insufficient resource of the ministry

“Capacity development of NGOs   refers to their knowledge, and ther ability to provide r better understanding on budget issues, so they can reach out to their partners to their partners and citizens at the grass root level. However, according to the Public Finance System 2008’s law, there is no available space for NGOs/CSOs to engage in the budget process,and this is a barrier to the citizens and NGOs to direct involvement with the government about budget development. Howver we will not give up because educating people about the budget will have a positive impact on their lives,” said Tek Vannarary, NGOF’s ED.

Report Summary on the Meeting with MEF 12Mar20152