NGOs and MLMUPC Collaborate Plan to Improve National Housing Policy

NGOs and MLMUPC Collaborate to Improve National Housing Policy Final

NGOs and MLMUPC Collaborate to Improve National Housing Policy Final

Phnom Penh, August 20: A meeting facilitated by NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) was held at the Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction (MLMUPC). The meeting was chaired by H.E Beng Hong Socheat Khemro, General Director of the General Department of Housing (GDH) of MLMUPC and NGOF members, and GDH officers were also present.

The group came together in order to discuss how NGOs and GDH could collaborate   on the issue of Housing and Livelihood in   Cambodia, specifically on the National Housing Policy.

His Excellency Hong Socheat Khemro began by outlining the GDH vision and mission, which aims to support disadvantaged Cambodians to access to adequate housing. As a part of housing development, GDH, in the new action plan, committed to organize approximately 25 workshops on the National Housing Policy throughout the country. The GDH looks forward to working in partnership with CSOs/NGOS in organizing these workshops. The other objective of this workshop was to create chances for NGOs, communities and authorities to raise challenges on housing and resettlement to the discussion for resolutions.

“Accessing adequate housing remains a challenge in Cambodia, and a lack of livelihood opportunities is one of the reasons that causes this problem. We – NGOs – are working hard to improve the situation, yet we won’t be able to achieve it on our own. Hence, today’s meeting with the GDH is very important, since it could help us strengthen partnership with the government which will lead us to more productive results,” said Mr. Tek Vannara, ED of the NGOF.

The NGOF and its networks/members is willing to work in partnership with GDH to make the workshop plan exists.

“I think the GDH planning workshop on National Housing Policy is a good sign for the development. Before, we found it was difficult for NGOs to create teamwork with the government, but the situation is different now. We can see the open door for partnership from the other side for our development work,” stated Mr. Tek Vannara.