NGOs and Farmers Meet to Provide Input on Draft Agriculture Sector Strategic Development Plans-ASSDP 2014-2018

Edited - NGOs and Farmers ASSDP - Feb 26 - Eng1

Edited - NGOs and Farmers ASSDP - Feb 26 - Eng1

Phnom Penh, February 26, 2015: A group of 113 participants (33 women) from NGOs, Development Parnters, Communities Based Organizations and farmers participated in Consultation Workshop on “Preparation of Agriculture Sector Strategic Development Plans (ASSDP) 2014-2018” at the Phnom Penh Ecumenical Diakonia Centre (PPEDC).

 This second consultation workshop was supported by Oxfam, and facilitated by the NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) together with NDF-C, RCC, CSOs REDD+, NECA, IPFN, and various CBOs. The workshop had the following objectives:

  1. Update the main achievements and challenges in implementation of ASSDP 2009-2013 by Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)
  2. Discuss and provide input and recommendations to the draft ASSDP 2014-2018
  3. Collect inputs and recommendations from NGOs/CBOs, development partners and affected communities to be incorporated in the draft ASSDP 2014-2018 and submit to MAFF

Five specific themes were put into the discussion for the productive outputs including:

  1. Enhancement of Agricultural Productivity, Diversification and Commercialization
  2. Promotion of Animal Production and Animal Health
  3. Sustainable Fisheries Resources Management
  4. Sustainable Forestry & Wildlife Resource Management
  5. Strengthening Institutional Capacity, enhancing efficiency of supporting services and Human Resource Development

The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) is currently preparing the Agricultural Sector Strategic Development Plan (ASSDP) 2014-2018. The strategy was established to reduce poverty, assure food security and safety through Cambodian agricultural modernization. In addition, the plan aims to promote the export of agricultural products, along with natural sustainable resource conservation.

The ASDP 2014 -2018 is considered the main sectoral s strategy and serves as a roadmap to provide guidance on how to achieve the policy goals and objectives. It also contains indicators of development outcomes, expected output indicators and activities of the MAFF for a 5-year period, 2014 to 2018. The document reflects the RGC’s policy direction stipulated in the Rectangular Strategy Phase III and also aligns with the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2014 – 2018, which intends to contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction through the enhancement of agricultural productivity, diversification and commercialization.

The comments, inputs and farmers declaration of the 5th National Farmer Forum will also be submitted to MAFF during the National Consultation Workshop on March 06, 2015 at Cambodiana Hotel.

Edited - NGOs and Farmers ASSDP - Feb 26 - Eng2