NGOs and Communities Improving Equity Capacity in Forestry Management and REDD+ Process

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Phnom Penh, October 20 – 22: 23 participants from NGOFs’ networks/members and community facilitators came together for the three-day session on “Training of Trainers on Improving Equity in Forestry Management and REDD+ Process” facilitated by The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF), Core Committee of CSO-REDD+ Network supported by GREEN Mekong Program through RECOFTC Project “Promoting Participation of CSOs/NGOs in Improving Grassroots Equity in REDD+”.


The main objectives of this training are:

  1. To increase understanding of NGOs/CSOs on basic principle of grassroots equity and relevant rights, governance and benefits in the context of climate change and REDD+
  2. To encourage active participation of CSO-REDD+ members and other NGOs in promoting equity and effective engagement in REDD+ process
  3. To strengthen capacity of the CSO-REDD+ members and other NGOs in continuing facilitate and assist local communities and IPs in address issues of equity in forest management and REDD+.

“It has been a good training session, so far. Asides of the opportunity to meet with different people from various provinces and organizations to building network and sharing experience, I have learned and understand so many things from this course. This is very important for each of us from the grassroots level to be actively involved so we can influence forest and REDD+ policies and practices to support the people benefits, especially, to protect the rights of indigenous people the proper addressing the issues of equity,” said Ms. Kung Sophy, Punlork Khmer representative from Prah Vihea province on the last day.

To ensure, the training of the trainer on equity session could be well understand by the participants, NGOF had organized the day file trip visit to community based eco-tourism situated in Kompong Speu province, where all the trainers had chances to witness the best practice there.

“Currently, stakeholders, especially CSOs/NGOs and locally communities, have a limited capacity to participate and engage in design and implementation of REDD+. There is a need for wider understanding of equity in REDD+ which to ensure equitable participation and benefit sharing, transparency, consistency, comprehensiveness and effective implementation of forest based climate change mitigation, I do believe this three-day training has provided such benefits and could improve a good working result upon their return,” said Mr. Tek Vannara, NGOF’s Executive Director.

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