NGO Forum’s Mid-year Reflection

As part of the team building program, on the way to the border in Kampong Trach, sightseeing was facilitated with the team gathering and group photos in different style according to the NGO Forum’s program perspective. We visited Kampong Trach resort, Kampot province which consists of the beautiful natural resources that attract tourist for sight-seeing. While we crossed the border, we visited Khu Van Hoa Thach Dong Cave in Cambodian Vietnamese border. The Koh Tral City Tour, we visited Khu Du Uch Suot Tranch resort. Koh Tral has 589,23 square kilometers. 40% of forest was cleared for the development started since 2011. There are 99 mountains. 60% of forest preserved. A lot of progress in tourist sector.

The main objectives of this mid-year reflection were:
• To increase awareness on policy implementation
• To strengthen staff capacity on outcome harvesting and preparation for finalizing six months report.
• To review key priorities and revise operational plan and budget.
• To maintain good working environment and team building.

Dr. TEK Vannara, Executive Director of the NGO Forum on Cambodia provides a warm welcome to NGO Forum colleagues attending NGO Forum Mid-Year Reflection. He was very impressed with the remarkable achievements of the organization for the first semester of 2019. He added that without their great contribution, efforts, and commitment, we would not achieve these key achievements. Open Remark by Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of NGO Forum.

ED encouraged NGO Forum staff to continue to implement the program to work more effectively with good quality. ED said that we continue to work with all key stakeholders such as the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, EU Chamber of Commerce, ADB and World Bank and the private sector. He recommended PM should regularly attend the TWG meeting such as Agriculture and Water and others.

To finalize the six-month outcome harvesting report. Presentation of program six-month outcome harvesting. Presentation of outcome harvesting by programs. After the welcome and opening remarks and to strengthen staff capacity on outcome harvesting and preparation for finalizing six months report, Mr. Ouk Vannara, Deputy Executive Director of NGO Forum invited all program manager to present their key achievement and six-month outcome harvesting report.

The outcome harvesting report was drafted by all programs and outcome report of each project was presented to all staff for comment. The following drafted outcomes harvesting report are:
Environmental and Agriculture Programme, the key outcome for the environment program were presented by Mr. Hok Menghoin in the following:

Revise Result framework
Mr. Ouk Vannara, encouraged staff to review the resulting framework. Revisit key output/activities. Network coordination, Awareness raising, capacity building, and dialogue. eg. Effective and function of the network. The indicator is sharing the concern and join advocacy plan.

To review the key priority areas of programs and revise the NGO’s annual operational plan and budget for 2019, if necessary.

Closing the reflection
At the closing of the reflection, Mr. Tek Vannara well appreciated the successful mid-year reflection. He added that all staff understood NGO Forum policies, procedure and completely done the outcome harvesting report, and next six-month action plan and budget plan reviewing. He wished all staff to have a safe way back home.