Forum Discussion on political parties’ policies on Land Security and Natural Resource at Local Level

Representatives from nine political parties running for Commune election to be held in June 3, 2012 except the Cambodian People Party has met up on May 24, 2012 at Imperial Garden hotel for a whole day forum on May 24 to present their policies on “Land Security and Natural Resource Management at local level” to around 180 people from different NGOs, community representatives across the country.

The forum co-organizes by the NGO forum on Cambodia, World Vision Cambodia, COMFREL, CHRAC and CLEC aims to share information, discussion and advocacy on priority issues that go contraction to the development of the country by providing chance to voters to understand policy priorities on the Land and natural resource management as well as to provide voters to raise their concerns directly to political representatives and also to understand political strategy frameworks to resolve land issue and natural resource management.

Mr. Chhith  Sam Ath, Executive Director of the NGO forum on Cambodia, in his open remark highlighted the negative impact caused by land disputes throughout the country especially the indigenous minorities and people whose lives depend largely on the land and natural resources. “…people and indigenous minority group who live through agricultural activities have being suffered from development projects namely Economic Land concession, Mine concession, Hydropower dam construction that fails to implement according the legal framework”…said the remark.

The lively event attracted the audiences to throw different questions to the panels for responses. What important note, the audiences at the forum appreciates the event as they have chance to interact directly with the all political actors and listened to diverse policy agenda they have set toward the land security and natural resource management. With a hope that the promises will come true, the NGOs/CSO organizations keep eyes to see the promises reality after these political actors come offices.