New Year, New Plans for New Achievements

13. New Year New Plans for Achievements top

13. New Year New Plans for Achievements top

Kampot, December 21 – 25, 2015: In 2015, numerous of activities were proceeded and produced vital outputs and outcomes. Due to the nature of NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF), the advocacy NGO to serve the benefits of the vulnerable and poor people, some challenges were outstretched throughout the project implementation. Hence, to certify further productive plans and results for 2016, the NGOF, as an annual program, organized a five-day Annual Programme Reflection, took place at Diamond Hotel.

The triple important goals for this annual reflection were to develop NGOF 2016 program action plan and risk mitigation strategies; to strengthen capacity of staff related to programs and implementation; to strengthen team building, communications and accountability within and across teams.
Throughout the day, every NGOF staff had the space to share and reflect on outcomes, challenges and the operation plans. It was also an occasion to improve the staff performance and coordination for the coming years.  
“Our ultimate commitment is working together for positive change,” Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director mentioned. “It has been a hard working year, as everyone is doing their best to bring results and to ensure that the existing and forthcoming social problems including economic land concession, hydropower dams and development policy issues are circulated to the public and the proper preventions and acceptable solutions are raised for the benefits to our communities.” As expected, NGOF team coped to yield the plans for whole 2016.
Aside of bringing up the working plan, annual program reflection was included the chance to build the team spirit through doing good course for the society. This year, NGOF team joined together to plant the mangrove trees at Trapaing Sanke Community Fisheries, situated in Kampot province. Forty mangrove trees were planted by the NGOF team. We believed that one mangrove tree which we have grown today can save one household’s lives in the future.
“It is my first time ever to plan the mangrove trees. It’s an exciting moment and it makes me proud of what we are doing,” said Kim Nay, NGOF’s Development Policy Issue Manager. She hoped the mangrove trees will grow bigger in the next few years, so the fish and communities can benefit from them.
The NGO Forum on Cambodia is a membership organization consisting of local and international non-governmental organizations grounded in their experience of humanitarian and development assistance to Cambodia. The NGO Forum exists for information sharing, debate, and advocacy on priority issues affecting Cambodia’s development such as policies development on natural resource management and land management through network coordination.
Currently the NGOF has 5 programs are operating to respond to the above statement:

  • Core Program
  • Development Issues Program
  • Environment Program
  • Land and Livelihoods Program
  • Research, Advocacy and Communication Centre

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