New Actions and Existing Policies: The Implementation and Impacts of Directive 01

Launching Report on Directive 01 ENG Top

Launching Report on Directive 01 ENG Top

Phnom Penh, June 09, 2015: NGO Forum on Cambodia officially launched a Research Report on “New Actions and Existing Policies: The Implementation and Impacts of Directive 01” at Tonle Bassac 2 Restaurant. One hundred and twelve participants, including 31 women, attended. They included representatives from ministry officials, Provincial Officials, Development Partnerss, national and international organizations, affected communities, NGOs, researchers and media attended this workshop.

The workshop was undertaken in order to disseminate the results of key findings including recommendation and suggestions on the shortcomings of Directive 01 (D01) to the relevant stakeholders, and the public, especially, the Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC). The specific objectives of this launching report are:

  1. To better understand how Order 01 was implemented on the ground, the degree to which it proceeded according to the guidelines for its implementation, and how different types of land and land users were targeted by the campaign and to what effect
  2. To assess the impacts of Order 01 on indigenous community land, Community Forests and Community Protected Areas
  3. To evaluate the impacts of Order 01 on the livelihood and tenure security of non-indigenous, indigenous, and forest dependent communities
  4. To identify the potential adverse impacts of the campaign and draw recommendations for all concerned stakeholders on how to deal with the outcomes of the Order 01 titling campaign

Dr. Tek Vannara, NGOF’s Executive Director remarked that the implementation of the Order 01 didn’t run smoothly. It was clear that after the surveyed a large amount of land was cut from Economic Land Concession (ELC) and the people’s registration have previously faced the risk of displacement or land conflict.

“In spite of its achievements, there were concerns, as a result, many families campaign about is implementation, especially, the Indigenous People (IP) and Community Forest,” he added.

According to the report, three fourth of the households were surveyed in communities said at least some of the land they got measured were never titled, and half said that some of their land were not measured at all.

“The IP communities faced many problems during the implementation of the Order 01; information from the youth volunteer groups or the government side was lost, and the unclear information about different conditions to have community’s land demarcated and registered. So far, many of families still haven’t yet received the land title,” Ms. Ven Samin, Souy Indigenous from Kompong Speu province. “We call for solutions from the government, and hopefully the local authorities will pay a visit to our village to study the actual cases.”

A comprehensive survey was conducted involving 480 households across six provinces where Order 01 was active. Qualitative data was also collected via 45 interviews with key informants at village, commune, district and provincial levels; consultation with 12 members of civil society, development partners and academics; and six village level focus group discussions. Data collection for this research was conducted between February and August 2014 and data analysis and writing took place between September 2014 and January 2015.

This report presents the findings of the research and is broken down into ten main parts. Due to the length and details of this study, each part of the report is written so that it can be read as a stand-alone piece, or, if the reader chooses, in the context of the whole report.

Online Version:

  1. 1.Research briefing of Directive 01 in Khmer can be downloaded here
  2. 2.Report of New Actions and Existing Policies: The Implementation and Impacts of Order 01 in English can be downloaded here

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