Mission to Build a Better Place for Cambodia

Mr. TEK Vanna mission

Mr. TEK Vanna mission

Inside the office room of the NGO Forum on Cambodia, Mr. Tek Vannara is on his regularly working schedule including checking, responding and verifying on various documentations from different programs to assure the proficiently progress in the NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF). In time, he would receive phone calls from colleagues and stakeholders seeking for the meeting, discussion and advices related to work.

Through the fair and clear recruitment process, Vannara, 33-year old, by his talent, educational background and working experience, was selected and appointed to be an official Executive Director of NGOF affected from 17th February 2014 onward.

The NGO Forum on Cambodia is working on diverse programs for the positive changes in Cambodia. This leads to many tasks and responsibilities that call for Vannara to work with. Otherwise, he is very optimistic with his exertion. He has confidence in the supremacy of inspiration and people generous hearts are the essential elements for the development work.

When we asked, what is going to be his priorities with the new position at the NGO Forum, he responded, “To come across our long term and short term of strategic plans over the coming periods by directing the focus of strength and resources toward the things that will consent us to accomplish our objectives. In the meantime, we need to keep concentration on our current programs to assure the efficiently movement along with achievements. With the strong effort to support each other in work, I do believe we can make Cambodia a better place.”

As the newest Executive Director leading the whole organization, Vannara has the concrete objectives as below:

  1. Building and maintaining the sustainable of the NGOF’s reputation
  2. Continuing a good collaboration with networks, members, donors, development partners, government and the entire relevant parties to ensure the achievement of the NGOF vision and missions.
  3. Retaining and ensuring that the opportunities are presented to civil society organizations to be involved in the development work and being transparency for enhanced development, efficiency and effectiveness in the society.
  4. Strengthening relationship between eight NGO networks to reassure an effectiveness services can betimely delivered to the beneficiaries.
  5. Establishing clear and proper strategies in providing services that be able to respond to the factual needs of the members, networks and relevant parties.
  6. Commitment in keeping the NGOF as a Good Role Model Organization and maintaining working sustainability among sub-national and national levels.

Accompanied by this working experience, Vannara also went through years of studying background and jobs.  He is obtained two Master degrees in Development Study from Geneva University (IUED), Switzerland and Agricultural Economics Development from Royal University of Agriculture. 

He has over eleven years of working experience on leadership, management, natural resources and environmental management as well as community development with NGOs, CSOs, and the government. During a previous decade, he has conducted numerous study researches and able to release his 16 study reports interrelated to environment, water resource management, river basin deployment, forestry management, indigenous people, land, climate change, agriculture and relocation to the public. He, besides, used to be invited as a speaker to the regional and international conferences in 36 countries around the world.

Through years of education and working experience, we strongly believe that he is exactly capable in carrying on the leading role of the NGOF work base on its vision and missions and manage to straight it the right direction for the better improvement in the future and be to provide the best facilities to partners, members, networks and our Cambodian beneficiaries who are needed.


 Mission to build a better place for Cambodia    (download)

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Mr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of The NGO Forum on Cambodia, 

Email: vannara@ngoforum.org.kh; +855 12 793 489.