Meeting Between Civil Society Organizations and Media Journalist

There were 20 civil society organizations work on environment, social development, education, health, children’s rights, fisheries, access to information, land governance, water resources and water infrastructure, natural resources management, indigenous peoples’ rights, public financial reform, budget transparency, social accountability, climate change, education, capacity development, youth participation, gender and disability in the National Strategic Plan for Development and the Sustainable Development Goals of Cambodia which were share to relevant the medias. To ensuring the development of Cambodian are inclusive and justice.
Therefore, the meeting between civil society organizations and the media is aim for cooperation in 2020 on ward and to achieve common goals, improve working more effective for the present and the future. The NGO Forum on Cambodia facilitated a meeting between 20 civil society organizations and 14 media networks which held on 04 August 2020 at the Cambodiana Hotel in Phnom Penh with a total of 42 participants.

Opening remark, Dr. TEK Vannara, Executive Director of NGOF, was warming welcome to all participants. This meeting total participants 42, 20 CSOs and 14 media institutions.
The main objectives of this event are 1) shared and presented by relevant CSOs on the organization is operating 2) Build good relationship and get to know each other and 3) CSOs and Media can build up good cooperation. He introduced relevant CSOs to present a brief of keys activities in 2020 that will be engaged media journalist to cover new.

There was some comment media for this meeting which in below:

  • Establishment of a media group and a civil society organization (NGO / CSOs Group) aim to facilitate and coordinate for relevant stakeholder and share the information up-to-date.
  • Through the media advisory, the content is should be clear and easy to understand, which clear objective of event and provide contacting information for media contact.
  • The sources of information is subject of matter of media expression, media quotation of person should ensure that the information are balance, accurate, analytic, not bias and keep privacy and consensus to source information.
  • CSOs organize launching reports or research reports should have internal media and communication person who in charge of produced media release, and develop clear content and easy for journalists to cover the news. The event should organize in the beginning of week and a half day morning which is good time for media journalists and have enough time to produced articles and media broadcast.