This is a catalogue of all documents available in the Land Information Centre, at at 1 January 2010. LIC’s catalogue is a document-based system for sharing information about land and livelihood issues in Cambodia. Please feel free to share this catalogue with colleagues and friends!

The worksheet in the Excel file, under the tab ‘List of Documents’, lists the document details. Each row in this worksheet describes one document available in the Research and Information Centre.
The columns contain bibliographical data as follows:

Main Issues [as assigned in the LIC Documentation system]
Related Issues
Type of Document
Year Published
Call Number
Some Notes on Using the Catalogue:

  • Search for details of any document using the Edit – Find… function of the Excel main menu. Select (mark) a column first if you want to search only in that column (e.g. for Author).
  • Use the filter function (downward pointing arrows next to the column headings) to select subsets of documents. For example, you could select all documents in Main Issues = Forestry
  • Use Search Form to search for any specific title or key issues. The list of result will show in the available documents that link to the title or key issues you are searching.

If you need any further assistance, please contact the LIC by email at: (Research and Information Centre Research Officer)

To download our Excel file, please click here