Leading the way: Cambodian Women after women’s global agreement in 1995

IWD celebration - March 06 2015 1

IWD celebration - March 06 2015 1

Phnom Penh, March 06, 2015: The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) in collaboration with Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC) organized an annual event to celebrate the 104th International Women Day (IWD) with the participants of both NGOs. This year themes for the IWD in Cambodia was “Leading the way: Cambodian Women after women’s global agreement in 1995”.

The main objectives of this annual events were:

  1. To remind employees of both organizations about the progresses and challenges for gender equality in Cambodia after 20 years of the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action and identify strategies to move forward
  2. To encourage NGOF staff to transform the theme of “Leading the way: Cambodian Women after women’s global agreement in 1995” into the actual practices and
  3. To celebrate the achievement of the NGO Forum and CCC contribution to the gender mainstreaming in promoting equal rights and opportunities and to ensure the development and advocacy for all, not only women or men

“This year NGOF and CCC are celebrating IWD to convey key messages that women has played the important roles in society, particularly in view of their central position in the family and the community as a whole.  The contribution of women has significantly changed the social norm, economic status, and environmental development processes,” Dr. Tek Vannra, NGOF’s Executive Director shared his thought. “One of the most effective ways to enhance a woman’s status and empowerment is through gender mainstreaming in its programs and projects,” he continued.

The program combined with the presentative of the gender mainstreaming achievements by both organizations during the past year, the play of the short film, which illustrated about the gender situation in Cambodia, and lastly the gifts exchanging between the staff.

IWD celebration - March 06 2015 2