IPFN Disclosed investigation report on Deforestation in Pukong village to FA

IFPN Disclosed Pukong Final 002

IFPN Disclosed Pukong  Final 002

Phnom Penh August 15: Eight people, including three women, from the Indigenous People and Forestry Network (IPFN), attended a meeting with Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) to present the results of their investigation into deforestation in Pukong village, Mondulkiri Province, The report included findings and recommendations on how to resolve  illegal logging in the area. The meeting was chaired by H.E Chea Sam Ang, Deputy of Forestry Administration, and was facilitated by NGO Forum;  representatives from three other three organization including Youth Association (CIYA), Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) and Development and partnership in Action (DPA) were also present.


During the meeting, IPFN provided a brief report to the Forestry Administration (FA). They shared the concerns of the affected communities, raised the issues that NGOs and villagers face while working at the site, and made recommendations for future collaboration between FA and IPFN members. As result IPFN members will propose a meeting with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to discuss the deforestation in Pukong village and the possibility of working together in the future.  

The report was prepared by NGOF, CIYA, Action for Research and Development (ARD), Community Legal Education Center (CLEC) and Development and partnership in Action (DPA).

         Click here for Investigation report on IP forestry case in Pukong MKR

Click here for Investigation Report of Pukong Case, MDKR as PDF file 2014