First Quarterly Meeting of Indigenous People and Forestry Network (IPFN)

First quarterly meeting of Indigenous Peoples and Forestry Network (IPFN) of the NGO Forum on Cambodia was conductedin the same day of Quarterly Member Meeting of the NGOF which was held on 2nd and 3rd February 2017 at Diakonia Center, Phnom Penh which participated 40(5 women) participants.

The main objectives of IPFN Quarterly Meeting were focused on(i) updating the major key activities that the IPFN engaged known as the exchange visit at Sisaket province of Thailand and National Policies Dialogues on National Policy on the Development of Indigenous Peoples and the IPFN Secretariat Plan 2017, (ii) sharingtheland conflicts/issues in indigenous territories in PreahVihear, Mondulkiri, KompongSpeu and the progress of Prey Lang protection and National REDD+ Program, (iii)seeking guidance on the national and regional engagement of the network, (iv) completing the training need assessment for capacity building of the network 2017 and (v) adoption of new membership application to IPFN.


The meeting achieved its expectations such as(1) approval the IPFN membership application – CTO and FLO, (2) sharing the results of the  exposure visit reflection in 2016 in Sisaket (Thailand), (3) sharing National Policy Reflection Workshop/Dialogues on National Policy on Development for Indigenous Peoples (NPDIP) and UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), (4) Updating on the situation of Land case – Busra, Prome, Bukong, Kodountey, Chokchar and Dakdam and next key action plans, (5) updating on Prey Long case and way forwards, REDD+ program and the advocacy strategy, (6) IPFN Secretariat Operational Plan in 2017and 1st Quarterly Plan, (7) Participation in the regional & international mechanisms such as Asian People Forum (APF), ASFN, and CSO exposure visit and the network presentation selection processes, (8) Participation in the coming regional Asia Prep Meeting & Intl mechanisms United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and CSO exposure visit and the network presentation selection processes, and (9) Completing the Training Needs Assessment for the IPFN capacity building in 2017.