Dissemination Workshop on the New NSDP and DCPS Five-Year Plan

Dissemination Workshop on the New NSDP and DCPS Five-Year Plan1

Dissemination Workshop on the New NSDP and DCPS Five-Year Plan1

Phnom Penh, October 30, 2014:  The NGO Forum on Cambodia in collaboration with the Royal University of Phnom Penh and Enrich Institute conducted a half-day dissemination workshop on the “National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP) 2014-2018 and Development Cooperation and Partnership Strategy (DCPS) 2014-2018” for students from various universities and NGOs/CSOs at the Cambodia-Japan Cooperation Center (CJCC). Approximately 250 participants from CSOs/NGOs, related government ministries, development partners, researchers, academia and students attended this event.

 The main purposes  of this workshop were to:

  1. Provide a detailed explanation on the NSDP 2014-2018 to the students and the development priorities to be achieved within a 5-year period;
  2. Explain the rationale of the existence of DCPS 2014-2018 and managing tools to improve aid effectiveness as well as the development assistance in contributing to the implementation of NSDP; and  
  3. Expand NGOs and students’ knowledge on NSDP and DCPS to support their study/research purposes.

“Today, 33% of all the Cambodian population is youth, who we consider as the future leaders that can bring change and make a difference for the future of Cambodian development. Hence, it is very important to widely disseminate the NSDP and DCPS to those students as well as the CSOs/NGOS so they can understand the conceptual framework and priorities of the political and socio-economic development to support their study and learning in their respective fields,” said Mr. Tek Vannara, NGOF’s Executive Director. “It is also a way to actively involve them in development work through creating the opportunities and ability to discuss these topics, share information as well as monitor and evaluate progress.”

Recently this year, the Council of Ministers have approved the next five-year NSDP 2014-2018, while The Development Cooperation and Partnership Strategy (DCPS) 2014-2018 was published at the same time, in order to “further consolidate the achievements, seize new opportunities, and to contribute to tackle the challenges outlined”. The DCPS is updated from the Strategic Framework for Development Cooperation Management (SFDCM) 2006-2010, and is consistent with the mandate of the NSDP.

The four representatives from related ministries that attended the workshop to present about the NSDP and DCPS were:

  • Mr. Poch Sovanndy, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Planning
  • Mr. Mok Puthy, Director of NGO Department, Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board of Council for the Development of Cambodia (CRDB/CDC)
  • Mr. Kim Lumang bopata, vice chief of Policy Department, CRDB/CDC
  • Mr. Tha Ranareth, staff of European Department, CRDB/CDC

Dissemination Workshop on the New NSDP and DCPS Five-Year Plan2