CSOs REDD Reflection Workshop

CSOs REDD Reflection Workshop 1

CSOs REDD Reflection Workshop 1

On 15 December, 2016: a CSO-REDD+ annual review meeting was held at Diakonia Centre 24 participants, including one female, from various network member NGOs attended.

Dr. Tek Vannara kicked off the meeting by welcoming valued participant speakers and network members and gave updates on progress, challenges, and so on.. He added that this year some CSO-REDD+ network meetings didn’t take place due to staff movement, a lack of funding, and high workload in their own institutions. However, NGOF has participated in crucial meetings at national level, with MoE on REDD+, regional meetings on Climate Change and Adaptation (CCA), and an international conference on CCA with COP-22. Dr. Tek Vannara encouraged all participants to feel free to discuss and raise key activities for working together for change.

Ms. Sem Tola, Srey Poeu made a presentation to share REDD+ key achievements in 2016 and actions set for 2017 implemented by Consultation Group (CG). Carbon Forest Partnership Facility (CFPF) granted to RECOFTC, has boosted the capacity of CG members to implement CG work plans until June 2017. Key actions for 2017 have been set. Some of these action points include supporting CG meetings, strengthening stakeholder engagement in REDD+ policy development, supporting CG representatives to implement and enhance local community knowledge on REDD+.

CSOs REDD Reflection Workshop 2

Mr. Ear Chong, fromNGOF, presented a CSO-REDD+ work plan for 2017, with the key message being that more focus is needed on enhancing knowledge and awareness of local people. REDD+ collaborated with stakeholders from radio, and TV programs, and with youth – especially environmental/forestry students, to increase REDD+ knowledge awareness and to give support with events and campaigns about forest improvement and sustainable management. To achieve this, a short course for 25-30 participants will be held, a TNA will be conducted, and targeted training will be given. Visits to local regions in Cambodia, Thailand, Lao, and Vietnam will take place to exchange information and share experiences. Network meetings will be held four times per year, as well as various other meetings with REDD+ interest groups. Assessments will be made on the ground at Odor, Meanchey, Kampong Thom, Kratie, and Chinese investment areas CF or CPA.

CSOs REDD Reflection Workshop 3