Cross Network Meeting on Strategy for Land and Natural Resource Conflict Resolution

On August 27-28, 2019, the Community Legal Education Center and NGO Forum have organized Cross Network Meeting on Strategy for Land and Natural Resource Conflict Resolution at Soma Devi Hotel, Siem Reap Province. The purpose of reflection meeting were strengthening the cooperation of civil society networks, victim communities, citizen consultants and human rights defenders for the effectiveness of advocacy work in conflict resolution and governance of land and natural resources, and strengthening the capacity of affected communities and network members by sharing information, experiences and reflecting on activities and outcomes so that they have the power and confidence to discuss with authorities and other stakeholders for a fair solution. In addition to develop a joint strategic plan to implement, promote the resolution of the stalled dispute. There were 96 (22 female) participated.

Mr. Ouk Vannara, Deputy Director of NGOF, was interested in the main activities of the NGOF, which consists of eight networks, including three major networks focusing on natural resources, including IPFN, LAHRIN, and CSOREED, 52-member IPFN. The LAHRIN Network has 64 members, the CSOREED network has three members working to improve people’s lives and land safety, and the NGOF The struggle with many national state institutions such as Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Land Management, Urbanization and NGO Forum joining the Ministry of Environment has put 60% of the input raised by the community into working Compiling environmental code, NGOF Deputy Director requested community to include investment plan in the commune with state budget up to USD 700,000 This is a chance for the community to its plans.

Mr. Houn Chundy, Executive Director of Community Legal Education Center, said that there has recently been active advocacy by communities, including major land and natural resources issues, which have been poorly managed. It is not enough to make the community still suffering and accuse the poor, and the mission of the organization is complementary By working together as partner organizations to benefit the community from the development of the state, neither the community nor any organization and its mission is to help those vulnerable to development projects and Inappropriate Compensation Organizations have programs to help the community by strengthening their capacity and through their judicial defense.

Keynote closing Program by Ms. Nhean Phoung Maly, Director of Women in Design in Siem Reap, said she was happy, we had the opportunity to meet here because we had the same problem in the jungle. Catch the same struggle, we hope that someday this voice and change we represent must be the people of the highest will, we need justice. We must stand up for justice and no one legal entities from us, we must demand justice by the legal policy of the state.