Concession Bibliography


  Title Author/ Publisher Year Remarks
Case Studies
1 Stolen Land, Stolen Future APRODEV (Association of World Council of Churches related Development Organisations in Europe) 2011 Download
2 Does
Large Scale Agricultural Investment Benefit to the Poor?
Ngo Sotath and Chan Sophal,     Cambodian Economic Association, published by the NGO Forum on Cambodia 2010 Download
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5 Cambodia: Land Cleared for Rubber, Rights Bulldozed.   The impact of rubber plantations
by Socfin-KCD on indigenous
communities in Bousra, Mondulkiri
FIDH Oct-11  
6 Increasing Pressure for Land – Implications for Rural Livelihoods in Developing Countries: The Case of Cambodia Welthungerhilfe Oct-12 Download
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8 The Impact of Economic Land Concessions on the Local  
Livelihoods of Forest Communities In Kratie Province,  
Northeastern Cambodia  
Touch Siphat Mar-09 Download
General Articles, Background Information
1 Land Concessions for Economic Purposes in Cambodia: A Human Rights
United Nations Cambodia Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Nov-04 Download
2 Land Concessions for Economic Purposes in Cambodia: A Human Rights
United Nations Cambodia Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights 2007 Download
3 Addressing the Environmental and Social Challenges Resulting from Large-
Scale Agricultural Land Concessions in Cambodia and Lao PDR,
WWF GMPO (Cambodia and Lao Offices)
July 5 2007  
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7 Poverty and Social Impact Assessment of Social Land Concessions
In Cambodia: Landlessness Assessment”
Biddulph Robin February 2004 Oxfam GB, GTZ
8 Losing ground: Forced Evictions and Intimidation in Cambodia Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee, (CHRAC) Sep-09 Download
9 Political Dynamics of Land-grabbing in Southeast Asia: Understanding Europe´s Role Transnational Institute (TNI):
Saturnino M. Borras Jr., Jennifer C. Franco
Aug-11 Download
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13 A turning Point? Land, Housing and natural Resources Rights in Cambodia in 2012 ADHOC Feb-13 Download
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15 A human rights analysis of economic and other land concessions in Cambodia* Report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Cambodia, Surya P. Subedi
26. September 2012 Download
Legal Framework
1 Land Law 2011 Royal Government of Cambodia 2001 Download
2 Sub-decree No. 118 ANK/BK on the State Land Management Royal Government of Cambodia 07th October 2005 Download
3 Sub-Decree No. 146 on Economic Land
Royal Government of Cambodia 27th December 2005 Download
4 Law on Concessions Royal Government of Cambodia 2007 Download
Royal Government of Cambodia
No.01 BB
7th May 2012 Download
1 MAFF’s Intervention on Economic
Land Concessions at the third CDCF
DR. Chan Sarun, Minister of Agriculture June 2010, 5p  
2 MLMUPC’s Intervention on Land rights of smallholders and indigenous communities at the 3rd Cambodia Development Im Chhun Lim, Senior Minister, MLMUPC    
3 NGO Forums letter to the Cambodian Prime Minister NGO Forum 2005 Download
4 “Settle Disputes, or lose Land” Prime Minister of Cambodia 29. August 2011 The Cambodian Daily, 29.August 2011, Volume 49, Issue 58
Mining Concessions in Cambodia (General Information, Case Studies)
1 The Foundations for Responsible Mining
in Cambodia – Suggested Approaches
Warwick Browne and Daniel Franks
Glenn Kendall, UNDP, Policy Brief
Jun-11 Download
3 The Expension of Mining Activities and Indigenous Peoples Rights in the Province of Mondulkiri Analyzing Development Issues
Trainees (Round 20) and Team, Cooperation Committee of cambodia, CCC
Oct-12 Download
3 So little land; so little time: an exploration of potential opportunities for Cambodia’s
indigenous communities to protect their land, livelihoods, and culture’
Hill, Andrew, J. Dissertation contributing to an MSc in Poverty Reduction and Development Management, University of Birmingham 27.August 2012  
Regional / International (General Information, Case Studies)
1 Guidelines on Business, Land Acquisition, and Land Use: A Human Rights Approach Institute for Human Rights and Business Draft for Consultation, November 2011 Download
2 Conflicts over forests and land in Asia RECOFTC:
Yurdi Yasmi, Lisa Kelley, Thomas Enters
3 The NGO Forum has received Environmental Impact Assessments regarding certain projects from related government authorities 2013 Download