Community Field Visit in REDD+ Voluntary Carbon Project

Community field visit in REDD001


Community field visit in REDD001

Oddor Mean Chey, September​ 27-28: The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) together with CSOs REDD+ Network in Cambodia (CSO-REDD+) organized a two-day study trip to the  Voluntary Carbon Project in Oddor Mean Chey in North Western Cambodia. The trip aimed to order to build capacity, share ideas about challenges and solutions within the communities among 16 local community members, including three women. The participants were from   ​ from Seima REDD+ voluntary market project, REDD+ Consultation Group (CG), Indigenous communities, Prey Long community, Kampong Thom and Rattanakiri. During the trip they explored and share their experiences on the participatory process and the implementation of community based forest carbon conservation, especially on forest monitoring, and the participation and grievance mechanism.


“The exposure visit was a success  as the community member got a chance to learn, discuss and share amongst the team about the previous working experience in the communities, specifically on managing the forest, especially on participating in REDD+ process, patrolling and grievance mechanism in Sang Rukhawan and Songkruos Preaychhoeu Community Forestry (CF). I believe they will able to put the knowledge they learned during the trip into practice upon their return,” said Ms. Teng Rithiny, The NGOF’s REDD+ Policy Monitoring Project Coordinator.

One of the participants shared that this trip was a very useful for e  them, and after this visit they will apply  the knowledge they learned in the Sang Rukhawan and Songkruos Preaychhoeu Community Forestry and will share it with  other CF members. “I have learnt a lot on the current status of REDD+ in Sang Rokavoan CF, concept and the expectations of community related to REDD+, forest management and ownership of CF, and I cannot wait to use it in our community to improve the work we do ,” said a  community representative.

Community field visit in REDD002