Campaign on “Food Safety”

Battambang Province on Thursday, March 29, 2018: The “Food Safety” campaign was organized by the NGO Forum on Cambodia (NDF-C) in collaboration with the Krom Aphiwat Phum (KAWP) the network member of development of food security and safety in Cambodia with funding support from Oxfam right to food project. There were 501 participants (283 female) from the Battambang Major, representative of Provincial Agriculture Department of Battambang, Agro-Industry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Provincial Health Department of Battambang, Provincial Department of Commerce, University of Battambang, students, farmers, agriculture cooperative, agro-industry companies and local authorities.

The campaign was paraded with the banner and convey various messages be reminded the producers, consumers and the public to understand on the importance of food safety. The Marching was started from the University of Battambang to the Nat market then return back to Battambang University where we were celebrated and discussed on food safety. At the same time, there were greetings from the President of the University of Battambang Rector and the presented by the Agro-Industry Department of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, provincial agriculture department of Battambang, Battambang Department of Health, Department of Commerce, farmers, agro- industry company and NGO representatives. Additionally, representatives of Vegetable Suppliers were shared their experience on organic vegetables.

After introduced the program agenda, there were experience shared and plenary discussed on organic production processes to ensure food safety, encouraged agro-industry companies to produce non-chemical production that ensure standard quality, market value and market access for farmers agricultural product.

The food safety campaign was initiated by network member of development of food security and safety in Cambodia while they faced with the impact of pesticide usage which were happened and worse affected by the Cambodian people, which led to initiate an organizing campaign on “food safety”. It contributed to raise awareness about food safety and promoting agriculture production to improve health and reduce the excessive chemicals use. The campaign was contribute to the Ministry of Agriculture’s Five Years Agricultural Strategic Plan for 2014-2018 and Good Agricultural Practice Policy, to ensure sustainable agriculture production, to implement effective policies to address those challenges, to improve agricultural productivity, and poverty reduction in Cambodia.

Mr. TEK Vannara, Executive Director of NGO Forum, urgently requested to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in particular the General Directorate of agriculture and Agro-industry Department to empower and provide opportunities for smallholder farmers in making the right decision in applying the good agricultural practice and organic vegetable production as well as continue to push for wider and stronger community to promote safe production of agricultural products. The safety and ensuring stable market access of agricultural products in order to meet the domestic market demand and to promote agricultural production. In addition, help to promote the market information on safety agricultural products and good agricultural practice for farmers, especially smallholders. Lastly, he requested ministries, private sector companies and NGOs to share the best practices related to food safety and promote organic production to improve health and poverty reduction.