Annual Program Reflection in 2022

The staff of the NGO Forum on Cambodia organized the Annual Program Reflection in 2022 from 19-23-December 2022 at Phnom Penh, Cambodia and South of Vietnam. The objectives of this meeting are:
1. To finalize outcome harvesting 2022
2. To develop the AOP & AOB for 2023
3. To Finalize Coordination Plan for 2023
4. To Finalize 2023 NGOF’s Staff Capacity Development Plan
5. Reflection on staff association and develop its operational plan for 2023
6. To Strengthen Capacity of NGOF’s staffs on Influencing Strategy and policies refreshment
7. Elect new staff association for 2023
8. Opportunity for All NGOF staff learning from the fields (river, agriculture market, tree plantation, renewable energy and climate change.