Annual Program Reflection 2019

The NGO Forum on Cambodia organized Annual Staff Reflection for 5 days from 25th – 29th November 2019 which visited Oddar Meanchey Province and Siem Reap Province. The objectives of this reflection aim:
• To refresh on NGO Forum policies and strategies.
• To learn about community-Based natural resource management in Oddar Meanchey province.
• To finalize a draft of the annual program outcome harvesting report Jan-Dec 2019.
• To finalize the program’s annual operation plan with an estimated budget for 2020.
• To maintain and build up good team spirit.

On 25 November 2019, we were Phnom Penh’s departure to Oddar Meanchey Province. During the bus, we had refreshed and got a better understanding of NGOF policies and strategies. We had shared good experiences and challenges for each other. In the afternoon, we visited Sang Rokhavorn community forestry which located at Krong Samrong, Oddar Meanchey province to better understand forest management that leads by Venerable Bun Salout. We also planted more trees in that place for the activity as of conservation. Another activity we did meditation in Sang Rokhavorn forest community to refresh our mind and peace in mind.

As part of the team building program, on the way to Oddar Meanchey province, we visited the Military in Siem Reap province. Planting the tree in the Sang Rokhavorn forest community. Meditation in Sang Rokhavorn forest community.

On the morning of November 26, 2019, the 2nd day of NGOF’ Annual Reflection, we had the opportunity to learn more about the community forestry in Oddar Meanchey, all NGOF staff had the met the Phnom Dorng Rek Prey Sras Community which supported by Community Translation Organization (CTO). The Phnom Dorng Rek Prey Sras Community is located at Kok Kpous commune, Banteay Ampil district, Oddar Meanchey Province.

We had learned from the community on their ownership in collective voice and willing to protect the forest and the land. At the same time, there is forest patrol to prevents forest crime and cow slaughter which is important for improved livelihoods besides forest products. Currently, there are 22 cows provided by the provincial agriculture department. The community has good cooperation with the commune, district and provincial governors in crime prevention as well as land acquisition from outside. The forestry community joins the meeting with another network to identify solutions and filing complain. They come together every six months at CTO office or at Sang Rokhavorn community forestry. There are 13 forestry communities. CTO supports the payment for transportation and per diem. The community set up a social network through Facebook to share information to all network members. There are two saving groups with a lot of savings. The three green women groups continue to save every month. The new saving group saved 14800 riels. The old saving group provides funding support to community forestry. VSG support $1570 per year for community forest protection in organizing meeting, saving group and reporting. In 2020, there will be a commune development fund for forest governance and cow raising. The eco-tourist will be organized, community hut at the community pond which digging by Chinese. The provincial department of water resources and meteorology recognizes the community.

The third day of the Program Reflection program on Tuesday 27 December 2018, led by Mr. Hok Menghoin, Environment and Agriculture Program Manager.

The program was started by note address and welcome remark of NGO Forum leadership. Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of the NGO Forum on Cambodia. Express thanks to one-year program implementation. It is the big contribution of the NGO Forum in Cambodia on the development of the economic and the environment with the support of the development partner. It contributes to social development which response to the three aspects. The technology, environment and social development. It involves the private sector and other stakeholders. We work to respond to community demands. NC will present the key policies that contribute to Cambodia development. I would like to remind that we have 95 members organization both national and international. They pay membership fees. There are 8 networks and 450 NGO members. We work to support the network organization. We show the role model to the network members and membership organizations. Great thanks for your good work within one-year of 2019. The main objective refresh on NGO Forum policies and strategies, to learn about community-based natural resource management in Oddar Meanchey, to finalize a draft of annual program outcome harvesting report Jan-Dec 2019, to finalize program annual operation plan with estimated budget for 2020, to maintain and build up good team spirit, review the Annual report 2019 and outcome harvesting and voting for staff association for 2020.

We expected NGO Forum staff have deeply understood on NGO Forum policies and strategies, increased knowledge and understanding about community-based natural resource management, finalized a draft of annual program outcome harvesting report Jan-Dec 2019, finalized program annual operational plan with estimated budget for 2020, maintained and built up good team spirit and voted for staff association.

Mr. Ouk Vannara refreshes the guide of the outcome harvesting report for January –December 2019 so that the staff fully understands and able to prepare the outcome harvesting report.

Progress of Day 4: Thursday 28-Nov-2019
The Fourth day of Annual Program Reflection on Thursday 28 November 2019, led by Mr. Ouk Vannara, Deputy Executive Director.

Develop the NGOF’s annual operational plan and budget for 2020.DED presented the guideline for NGOF’s annual operational plan and budget plan for 2020.

Budget Plan preparation
Mr. Som Chettana, Finance Manager presented the format, the requirements, format, and information for producing the budget plan from January to December 2020. Mr. Som Chettana, Finance Manager presented the budget plan format with detail calculation. The finance team will be provided to support NCs to prepare a new detail budget plan for 2020. Budget structure by activities.

DED suggested to use the format and define key activities. Too many activities. Please look at NSDP and CSDG and align it with the relevant ministries to save the resource. Please merge some activities. The study joins with Cheanmai should finish it soon. Secondly, the study on Sambo dam and impact on livelihood will save the resource. Linking with regional such as IR. Please link to the resulting framework.

ED suggested reviewing the 46 small key activities. Some activities should be merged together eg. CLT. Some events lead by Kosal, Samrith, Menghoin, and Bunly. eg. environment, agriculture, land, forestry, NSDP, CSDG. It is good we can work with the sub-national level. We still support the Prey Lang network. Please continue the provincial workshop and national dialogue. Develop some guidelines on IP. Please select the Preah Me, Kbal Romeas cases and continue to strengthen the IP network. At the end of 2020 will discuss the separation of NC on forestry and IP. Please review the key 5 to 6 activities in IPFM with a funding plan from Mr. Chettana. Three laws amendment activities.

Day 5: Friday 29-Nov-2019
Last Day of Annual Program Reflection: Staff Association, Staff Capacity Development Plan 2020, Staff Motivation and Team Spirit. 29-11-2019.

Capacity building for a member to claim social service at sub-national and monitor the implementation, document cases. The coordination is good. We should strengthen the provincial forum for each semester. We Should look at the need of a disabled person, elderly, women to get budget allocation for social protection.

Staff capacity building/staff group training including Score was counted based on staff selection.
• Communication skill 8 votes
• Presentation skill 4 votes
• Operacy skill 12 votes
• Data interpretation for outcome harvesting skill 5 votes
• Video and data visualize skill (all votes)
• Self-image skill 11 votes
• Coordination and presentation skill
• Policy analysis skill 8 votes

The election for NGOF staff association (chair, deputy and secretary)
-Total: 24 pages
-Chief Mr. Mak Bunthoeun received 15 votes
-Deputy Mr. Vong Kosal received 12 votes
-Secretary Ms. Sophay Phanika received 8 votes

Summary of the results of Annual Program Reflection by ED
At the closing of the reflection, Dr. Tek Vannara well appreciated the successful Annual Program Reflection. He accepted all comments made by NGO Forum staff. He suggested staff to professionally implement the advocacy work. Dr. Tek Vannara appreciated all staff that has a strong commitment and built good cooperation with all key stakeholders to influencing government policies. He added that all staff understood NGO Forum policies, procedures and completely done the outcome harvesting, Annual Narrative report, and next 2020 AoP and AoB. He encourages staff to build good cooperation with network members, development partners as well as with the private sector and good engagement and wished all staff to have a safe way back home.

In conclusion, NGO Forum staff has deeply understood on NGO Forum policies and strategies. All staff increased knowledge and understanding of community-based natural resource management. And we Finalized a draft of the annual program outcome harvesting report Jan-Dec 2019 and program annual operational plan with an estimated budget for 2020, as well as maintained and built up good team spirit.