Annual General Meeting 2017

The NGO Forum on Cambodia (NGOF) and its network organizations and members hold the Annual General Meeting 2017 at Somatevy Hotel in Siem Reap Province on 24 October 2017, participated by 160 participants from national and provincial levels. The annual general meeting focuses on update on Cambodia Sustainable Development (CSDG), update on the NGO Forum’s key achievements for the last one year and the results of 2012-2017 NGOF evaluation. Furthermore, discuss on next 6 year strategic plan (2018-2023) and 3 year action plan (2018-2020) of each NGO networks. The meeting is presided over by Mr. Norng Sivouthan, member of management committee and Executive Director of HESK EPER, H.E Poch Sovandy, Advisor to Ministry of Planning and Mr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of NGOs Forum.

Mr. Norng Sivouthan, open remarked that the annual general meeting is important that we must attend and share information together and more importantly we are here, we can reflect to the works done in the past years, we will reflect together the achievement of NGO Forum and we will discuss together the main topics that can reflect to NGO Forum for the next six years, we will study together on what experience and the lessons learnt we have received, related to what we have learned to what we can improved together, particularly the meeting has a present of H.E Poch Vanndy, the adviser to MoP, he will present you and discuss on the government policies, related the Goal of Sustainability that set by UN and the goal of CSDGs.

H.E Poch Sovanndy, Advisor to Ministry of Planning, respective to Mr. Norng Sivouthan, a member of management committee of NGOF and Mr. Keo Bunly, Policy Development Coordinator of NGOF, Dr. TEK Vannara, Executive Directo of NGOF and all participants who the network organization members of NGOF. He presented the progress of CSDG and localization, and a story of CSDG then localization of SDG, and planning organization of development partners, government and NGOF. What is SDG, it is an UN’s Agenda and MDG for 2015 and continue for 2016. We may more focus about it, MDG, most of you know MDG, it consists of 8 goals plus one, so it’s 9 Goals, it focus on Socio-Economic Development, but what different is, Socio-Economic, Culture, Environment etc. are integrated into one (SDG), no one sector was forgotten. Why we need to implement that SDG? because SDG is a general global agenda of UN why Khmer need to implement it, because we are member of UN, hence the country members must implement the UN’s Agenda and participate to develop or implement and protect the earth or the world.

Mr. Keo Bunly, Develop Policy Project of NGOF, presented the road map of Civil Society, participated in developing CSDG. He try to avoid the repeated information which presented by H.E Poch Sovanndy, I would present summary on SDG and the process of SDG localization in Cambodia and what the facing problems are, and I just present you the road map, on behalf of civil society, what should we contribute to achieve the agenda 2030, as you know Cambodia is one member among 193 countries of UN and agreed to implement SDG which have 17 Goals with one more goal on demining and un-exploded weapon were added, I just emphasize that in this goal, there are 4Ps, and from goal 1-17 is divided as 4 clusters and P1 is people from goal 1 to goal 9, it is like orderly, and another P is Planet, some goals related the economic and prosperity, reducing inequality, sustainability and peace building that is inside goal 16 and 17.

The road map, received from government, it started from June 2016, as presented by H.E, we are facing problems, thus it is delayed sometimes, we planned to finish it at the end of June 2017, we need to disseminate, and a framework of CSDG, it must be finished in 4th quarter this year. One more thing, as you know the SDP 2014-2018, it will be finished soon, then we will renew it for 2016-2023, line ministries they have own planning and CSO, we have the road map and we have discussed among ourselves in order to achieve the CSDG, we have 4 main points 1-stakeholders, who are involving to localize the SDG?, 2- awareness raising, 3-provide capacity building to implement strategies, 4- monitoring and evaluation.

Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of NGO Forum, facilitate the session which give floor for Mr. Noel, to share key finding and recommendation of 6 years strategic planning evaluation 2012-2017, and Action Plan 2015-2017 that presented about 30 minutes through Video Conference and Mr. Ouk Vannara to present the key achievement, challenge and way forward of NGOF,

Mr. Noel, Independent Consultant for NGOF strategies evaluation 2012-2017, the evaluation took 3 months periods, I involved with wise range of many stakeholders, NGOs staff, members, Networks, Partners, Government, Private Sector many people. He presented key findings and recommendation. (Read more on strategies evaluation report).