7th MRC Regional Stakeholder Forum on Mekong Transboundary Integrated Water Resources

The 7th MRC Regional Stakeholder Forum on Mekong Transboundary Integrated Water Resources Manager was organized at Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit Hotel, Thailand on 20-21 May 2019. There were 5 thematics to discuss such as Fisheries, Wetland, Mekong-delta, Lake and River Basin Management which focuses on new transboundary partnerships and arrangements (cooperation mechanisms) for the Lower Mekong Basin to support sustainable development and management of water resources.

Mr. TEK Vannara, Executive Director of the NGO Forum on Cambodia make some requested to MRC, National Mekong Committees, inter-governments, and owner of hydropower dam in the Mekong such as 1) Ask the intergovernmental government and the owners of the hydropower dam to organize a water distribution system in the region and effectively implement it to provide timely information to the people living in the basin for the benefit of the environment, the environment, and the environment. Society for Living and Reducing the Potential Risk From Water Margin Hydropower dams or irrigation systems operating in the Mekong Basin; 2) Ask the Inter-governmental Commission on Intergovernmental and Water Infrastructure Facilitation to provide information systems in advance to provide to the people in the event of a dam or natural disaster occurring in the region, ensuring that people can be timely evacuated. To the safe areas and escape the disastrous consequences of infrastructure development. Structure; 3) Suggested good and effective cooperation between intergovernmental and regional companies for resource management, wetland resources, and fisheries in Region 4), requesting that the Mekong River Commission prepare regional guidelines for the assessment. Impact the transboundary environment for implementation and ensure that all environmental, social and cultural risks Culture will be discussed and incorporated into the development and 5) asked to submit river basin organizations into the strategic plan and implementation plan of the Transboundary Mekong River Integrated Management Project so that local and sub-national authorities of member states are able to take part in decision-making and practical benefits from the implementation of the project. In response, the MRC will consider and incorporate into the Strategic Plan and Implementation plans according to the available resources.About 180 participants from intergovernmental, inter-governmental, development partners, civil society organizations, International Water Resources Management Institute, local authorities, research institutions, researchers and community members.