3rd Quarterly Member Meeting

The third Quarterly Member Meeting (QMM) was held on the 28th July 2022. This QMM aim for sharing the core achievements made by the NGOF, and three interestingly important topics were discussed: 1) Doing Good Index 2022 for Cambodia (NGOF/CAPS), 2) Land Allocation for Social and Economic Land Concession (LASED III/MLMUPC), and 3) Social Safeguards (ADB). The NGO Forum (NGOF) is the main organization to facilitate the meeting.

The meeting was held in DK Meeting Centre, Phnom Penh, with 68 participants (19 females) participants in hybrid meeting.
Ms. Cheav Sivkheng, NGOF, was the meeting master ceremony. At the beginning of the day, she invited delegates to chair the event. They are:
• Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director, NGOF
• Mr. Mar Sophal, NGOF
• Mr. Rithy Ratanak Cheysith, MLMUPC
• Mr. Kim Sambath, ADB
• Ms. Mak Monica, (Zoom).
Ms. Sivkheng briefly provided objectives of the meeting. While all delegates and the participants were settled, Ms. Sivkheng, Master Ceremony, NGOF, facilitated the meeting in accordance with the proposed Third QMM Agenda. First of all, she invited all the participants to pay respect to the music of the National Anthem.

Mrs. Mak Monika, Member of MC and Executive Director of CDPO
In opening speech, she paid respects to all the participants; and specifically to: Dr. Tek Vannara (NGOF), Mr. Rithy Ratanak Cheysith (MLMUPC), Mr. Sopheak (MRC), and Mr. Kim Sambath (ADB).

She brought up firefly the main topics to be discussed for the morning. There are eight NGOs are members of the Management Committee. The committee has closely worked with relevant Technical Working Groups on several sectors including Forest and Fisheries.

Mrs. Moika further informed the meeting that the progresses of the 3rd Quarter will be presented by speaker of the meeting shortly after her intervention Key Notes.

She thanked all the participants, donors, and representatives speaker for their time and continuous participations in the meetings. She ended her Key Notes with acknowledgement of all the efforts and collaboration and wished all the four Buddhism wishes to the participants, either in-person or online, and declared the meeting opened.

Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of the NGOF, updates on the achievement of NGOF in the 3rd quarter and next quarterly action plan.

Dr. Vannara provided key points of achievements of the NGOF for the last quarter, since April 2022, as following.
• Held dissemination workshop on the results of the study on “Climate Change and migration” to relevant partners and collected their comments;
• Conducted Awareness-raising on new Financial Law, updated recently. Bunch of CSOs, 20 of them, were consulted for comments in order to improve the new Financial Law, for the budget flow and transparent. Three NGOF officers were playing roles as observers.
• Participated in Forestry and Fisheries Program donor meetings. There were $4 million for the second phase to be given for the programs.
• MRC meeting on participation of local communities on water governance and management.
• Consulted discussions on law amendment on Forestry Law, Fisheries Law, and PA law. The consultations were facilitated by NCDD/MoI.
• …etc.

Mr. Mar Sophal, NGOF, introduced the results of surveys of Doing Good Index 2022 for Cambodia
On behalf of the NGOF, Mr. Sophal coordinated with the study team to get surveys on Doing Good Index 2022 for Cambodia done. The results of the surveys were presented to the 3rd QMM. The results of the surveys were presented by expert (on Zoom). In summary, he introduced the key points as following:
• Works were together with Hong Kong Technical Team (Center for Asian Philanthropy and Society, CAPS) since 2019;
• The results of the surveys were for improvement of trust for donor;
• The surveys, however, were not only for Cambodia alone, but for 17 countries (please look at the provided document “Press Release”);
• The surveys on Social Delivery Aspect were mainly interviewed (online) by NGOF and Coordination Committee for Cambodia (CCC).
Mr. Sophal informed the meeting that Ms. Annelotte, the CAPS, will provide details immediately after his key introduction points.

Ms. Annelotte Walsh, PhD. Deputy Director of Research Center for Asian Philanthropy and Society (CAPS) (on Zoom), sharing of Results of Doing Good Index 2022 for Cambodia “Assessing the Health and Well-being of Asia Social Sector”

She mentioned that this time was the 3rd meeting for her to participate in and provide presentations. Her key points of the findings are as following:

First of all, she provided general concept of the Doing Good Index (DGI) as: The Doing Good Index is a study of the social investment landscape in Asia. It exposes the underlying structural conditions preventing the region social sectors from thriving, whilst highlighting enabling factors that can empower government, companies, philanthropists, and social delivery organizations (SDO) to tap resources and work together to meet Asia challenges. The Index can help philanthropists, policymakers, researchers, SDO, and the public understand what levers can best increase philanthropic giving in their economy.

The surveys were conducted in 17 countries: Total of 2,239 Social Delivery Organizations, and 126 experts. The Doing Good Index shows us a way forward, she claimed. She added that working together is the most important to deal with the challenges.

The results were divided into four clusters: Not Doing Enough, Doing Okay, Doing Better, and Doing Well. Cambodia fell into cluster number two “Doing Okay”, she stressed. She further underlined that even though Doing Okay, Cambodia has room to improve: regulations, local support, and collaborations.

Wrap Up and Closing Remarks
While the meeting had gone through 40 minutes over time schedule, Dr. Tek Vannara provided short notes of his speech. He thanked all the speakers and questions making the event very active. He, then, declared the meeting closed with the wishes of healthy and success.