1st Quarterly NDF-C Meeting

On February 26, 2020, Network of Food security and Safety in Cambodia organized its first quarterly member meeting at the NGO Forum office, Phnom Penh. There were 34 participants (10 women) attended the meeting, including RAO, CCDO, CTOD, RAHDO, KWWA, NOD, LNU, KAWP, FAEC, Oxfam, Chettor, NRD, FIDAC, CFED, Gold Palm, World Renew, CEDAC, FNN, PADEK, HEKS, WEEFFECT, VSG and NGO Forum which are mostly provincial organization from Kampong Thom, Svay Rieng, Battambang, Banteay Meanchey, Kratie, Kampong Cham, Siem Reap, Pursat, Takeo, and Phnon Penh, as well as  WEE partners such as AFD, Srer Khmer and Rachana. There particular agenda of the meeting have been shared and discussed on 1) updating progress of each member, 2) provide inputs on the Agriculture Development Strategic Plan 2030, 3) define what is ASDP’s JMI and how it relevant to smallholder farmers.

Starting with the progress sharing of network member, AFD stressed their food security and Gender Governance Projects: Challenges on collaboration between civil society organizations in supporting agricultural communities among more than 10 institutions in the past. The Network also organized the Community Farming Forum which costed up to more than $ 5,000 and has joined plans and increased collaboration with stakeholders and farmer community. NRD updated Climate Change and Agriculture Projects which has been working with 15 schools, funded by Child Fund. Another project is operating in 41 villages, piloting 7 families on vegetable farming in collaboration with the Provincial Department of Agriculture. CEDAC produced guiding books on climate change and conservation agriculture and agriculuture techniques in the Northeast provinces. KWWA raised a drought challenges and agricultural product markets exist in kratie province. RAO has joint meeting with the Department of Agriculture to design a network of agricultural communities (rice, vegetables, animals and water) to mobilize technical support and funding. Communities that work well on rice and vegetables with savings and stocks. This 2020 will provide capacity building with CCC funding. CCD supported their community on the training of cucumber crop in two communes in Samrong district. There was a challenge during the harest season, thus CCD will provide trainning on processing know-how by increasing the use of non-chemical processing products. Srer Khmer Organzation has been pomoting rice production with 271 farmer on rumduol, sen kra orb and somaly variety, and supporting 21 saving groups, WLAS group, production group (vegetable, chicken, meat and eggs), 5 rice banks, rice mills and two drinking water producer. The problem is water scarcity, especially for rice. PADEK: Projects in Battambang faced water shortages and people are migrated, especially women. Through the NCDM information, there will be another drought will occure. RACHANA: Supports 8 communities supported by Heifer and Oxfam, with two communities contracted with Green Farm company to supply chickens (3,000 kg / month) to produce chickens for sale to the community. We should have model farmers as business farmers.

NDF-C members reviewed and provided inputs on Agriculture Strategic Development Plan 2030 that is incorporated comments/inputs from stakeholders. NGOF is one of focal CSO representative will bring the inception inputs to respective focal person of ASMP 2030 of MAFF. The inception inputs focused on following strategic including 1) improving agriculture value chain and competitiveness, 2) increase agricultural infrastructure and agri-business facility, 3) sustainable management of forestry and fishery resources, and 4) institutional and human resource strengthening.

In identify and define what is ASDP’s JMI that is relevant to smallholder farmers, each member, as a result, two of five thematic programs have been identified for prepare monitoring indicator are (1) increasing productivity of agricultural diversification and agribusiness, (2) Harnessing animal health and production. Remarkably, there consequent sub-program was identified by each member and/or by provincial/regional platform of join monitoring plan. This indicator identification was made upon thematic area of individual organization focuses, and contribution to small holder farmer, particular women farmers anticipation. NGO Forum produced the recording format of ASDP or PASDP’s JMI 2019-2023 so called “Monitoring track sheet” that would enable individual organization tracking significant achievement done by provincial department of agriculture and reflect to PASDP’s indicator.

Last but not least, Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of NGO Forum shared the upcoming event on natural rubber plantation guideline that each member would develop a case study to present in the event on  food and agriculture forum that will be held on 9-10 December in Geneva, so each network member would access to their website for register as they would like to hear more on project case study relation to the issue. On one hand, according to speech of RGC stressed to combat importing agriculture products from neighboring country and to increase local productivity. This is a thing how would we do on behalf of network member relation to this issue.