1 Joint Recommendations of CSOs and Indigenous Peoples Communities on the Impacts of Land and Natural Resources on ELC Projects Implementation in Cambodia (Khmer Version only) 11/8/2014 Khmer | English
2 Joint Statement of the Community and the River Coalition in Cambodia (RCC) on the Meeting of the Procedural Notification, Prior Consultation and Agreement (PNPCA) of the Don Sahong Dam in Lao PDR. 10/22/2014 Khmer | English
3 JOINT STATEMENT OF COMMUNTIES Launching Workshop on Community Based Research on Development of Lower Sesan II Hydropower Dam. 10/8/2014 Khmer | English
4 Supporting the disclosure of EI contract to the public (Khmer Version Only) 10/2/2014 Khmer | English
5 CSO Joint Statement: Callingfor the Release of Lor Peang Villagers and Solving Land Dispute 8/18/2014 Khmer | English
6 Joint Statement on: Proposed Amendments on Internal Regulations of the National Assembly (NA) Of the Kingdom of Cambodia 8/5/2014 Khmer | English
7 Join Statement: an assessment between CPP and CNRP on Political Resolution (Khmer version only) 7/26/2014 Khmer | English
8 Joint Statement:On Current Human Rights Situation Regarding the Arrest and Detention of CNRP’s Lawmakers- Elect and Political Activist 7/22/2014 Khmer | English
9 JOINT STATEMENT: The CSO/NGO Statement on the Monitoring of the JMI 2012 Implementation and Comments on the JMI 2014-2018(English Only) 6/26/2014 Khmer | English
10 Joint Statement: Civil society condemns the passing of three flawed judicial reform bills and reiterates call for public consultation. 5/27/2014 Khmer | English
11 Joint Statement from National Workshop over Concern on Don Sahong Dam 4/4/2014 Khmer | English
12 Joint Statement-Stop the Violence: A Call for Release, Investigation and Reparation 1/24/2014 Khmer | English
13 បញ្ឈប់អំពើហិង្សា៖ សេចក្តីអំពាវនាវសុំឧ្យមានការដោះលេង ការស៊ើបអង្តេត និង សំណង 1/24/2014 Khmer | English
14 Joint Statement on the Condemn of the Governement Violence Cracked Down on the Demonstrators January 3, 2014 1/9/2014 Khmer | English
15 Media Statement _CITIZENS ASK WHO IS THE MASTER_ PARTIES OR PEOPLE_EN[1] 7/28/2013 Khmer | English
16 Media Statement _CITIZENS ASK WHO IS THE MASTER_ PARTIES OR PEOPLE_KH[1] 7/28/2013 Khmer | English
17 Statement on Lower Sesan 2 Compensation Law_Final English 2/14/2013 Khmer | English
18 Media Statement – Situation of Land and Housing Rights and Activistis 23 Jan 2013 1/23/2013 Khmer | English
19 Statement to NAC 2012-Eng 12/7/2012 Khmer | English
20 Statement to NAC 2012-Kh 12/7/2012 Khmer | English