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Community Rights on Hydropower Development

This project supports cooperating NGOs/CSOs:
  • to influence government policies and practices on existing and future hydropower dam projects
  • to encourage the implementation of ecologically sound, participatory, gender and climate change-responsive measures for dam-affected communities, including advocating for fair compensation and benefit.
The project increases awareness of the impacts of hydropower dams on climate change among dam-affected communities and network members, and encourages the process of public participation in development projects, including an acknowledgement of people’s rights to timely, complete and accurate information on various development initiatives that affect them. It aims to strengthen the capacity of Rivers Coalition ...
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Climate Change Policy Monitoring Project

This project brings together local and international NGOs, government agencies, researchers, environmentalists, educators and students. It promotes awareness of climate change impacts and adaptation strategies. It also strengthens the capacity and skills of NGOs to effectively advocate for best practice adaptations to be used to benefit poor and vulnerable communities. The project works through the NGO Environment and Climate Change Alliance (NECA). It shares and discusses environmental issues arising from development that may affect the environment and community livelihoods and rights. Through Alliance members, the project gives communities a voice to influence policy-makers to be more accountable.
In 2012-2014 the ...
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National Budget Project

The National Budget Project advocates for a fair, credible and transparent national budget process that ensures accountability is in place. NGOs/CSOs jointly promote better prioritizing of budget spending for the benefit of the poor and vulnerable in Cambodia. The project encourages the Royal Government of Cambodia to release more budget information to the public. Currently there are constraints limiting the ability of official bodies, NGOs/CSOs and the public to engage with and influence Government on national budget issues. These include:
  • Limited knowledge among NGOs/CSOs, members of parliament and the public on budget allocation and expenditure issues
  • Limited access to ...
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Economic Development Policy Project

In the Economic Development Policy Project, NGOs advocate for:
  • government fiscal policies that are more responsive to the needs of poor and vulnerable groups
  • more transparency in the government’s revenue management, especially around extractive industry.
There is a lack of pro-poor fiscal policies Economic events in recent years have hit the poor disproportionately hard, and government fiscal policies need to better address this hardship Starting in late 2007 and early 2008, Cambodia experienced high inflation, especially in food prices. This hit the poor hard as around 70% of their expenditure is on food, and many people cannot afford ...
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Development Policy Project

Through this project NGOs and CSOs advocate for a more pro-poor national five-year plan, the National Strategic Development Plan (NSDP), with clear accountability mechanisms. The project encourages the Royal Government of Cambodia and development partners to provide more space for meaningful consultation with NGOs/CSOs in national planning processes. NGO Forum has played a significant role in facilitating NGOs to discuss priority development issues with government, multilateral development banks, and development partners. NGO Forum is often the first port of call for development partners, consultants and government officials wanting NGO policy inputs. NGO Forum maintains good relations with NGOs and sectoral ...
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