Consultancy Announcement “Impact of extractive industry investments in Cambodia on labour rights”

The purpose of the study is to find key challenges and recommendation on the reduction of impact of extractive industry investments in Cambodia on labour rights with the below specific objectives:
1. To explore national and international social and environmental safeguarding standards have been enforced/complied by the companies through identifying key best practices, challenges and impacts of extractive industry investments in Cambodia on labour rights (especially indigenous peoples).
2. To explore which financial institutions (FIs) finance the investment on EI in Cambodia and what are the safeguard or sustainability standards that those FIs apply.
3. To develop a policy brief, outlining alternative options toward implementing better extractive industry investments in Cambodia.
4. To present to key stakeholders, including MEF, MME, MLVT and NBC/ABC, policy recommendations for better extractive industry investments in Cambodia.

Qualification Requirements:
• At least master degree in fields related to Climate Change, EIA, ESG, Law and Political Science, Human Rights and Labor Rights, policy development, economics public policy is preferable.
• At least five years’ experience in policy research, civil society engagement, and development of advocacy products
• A sound understanding of Environmental, Social, and Governance framework including EIA guideline and sub-degree from the MoE.
• Good analytical skills
• Good understanding of the financial sector development in Cambodia;
• Ability to translate raw data into effective and engaging data visualizations and infographics
• Experience in policy brief writing
• Excellent oral and written communication in English and Khmer, including a demonstrated ability to translate complex, technical information into clear, non-technical language that is accessible to a broader audience.
• Demonstrated experience in undertaking similar case studies and reviews in the region, preferably in Cambodia and
• Strong research, facilitation and interviewing skills, preferable experience in conducting civil society consulting and government ministries

Qualified and interested consultant team shall submit CVs, Cover letter (previous research topics), Research technical proposal with clear milestones (Expected outputs and timelines), and Budget to the NGO Forum via e-mail: no later than 24th July 2022. For more details about the NGO Forum, please visit our website: or CLICK HERE for ToR. Only short-listed team will be contacted.